Khan-Alexander Prediction: Round by Round Analysis


    dm_141020_speed_bag_amir_khanAmir Khan (29-3, 19 KO) will defend the WBC silver welterweight title against Devon Alexander (26-2, 14 KO) at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas.

    The bout is stylistically intriguing and important to the futures of both fighters, as both are vying to keep their spot in the Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Manny Pacquiao sweepstakes. A loss would surely remove them from the sweepstakes for good, as the two legends are on the path to retirement.

    In addition, both men are in the process of rebuilding their careers after losing their world titles. Khan is on a three-fight winning streak since being stopped by Danny Garcia in 2012.

    Alexander lost a unanimous decision to Shawn Porter in Dec. 2013. In June, Alexander beat Jesus Soto Karass, but Khan is perhaps his biggest challenge since losing a technical decision to Timothy Bradley in Jan. 2011.

    What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. Who is going to be the man? Let’s find out.

    Round 1: This fight is underway. Both fighters have predicted a win, but none are really pressing the action so far. Alexander lands a cross and digs a hook to the body. Khan scores with a forceful jab. Alexander utilizes his hand speed to get in several shots. Khan scores with a short right cross. Khan hurts Alexander with a powerful combination to the solar plexus.

    Round 1 Winner: Khan 10-9

    Round 2: Alexander takes a hard combination from Khan. Alexander tries to close the distance and gets caught with a cross to the chin from Khan. Neither man wants to stay on the ropes and we are back in the center of the ring. The body shots from Khan are making Alexander think twice about coming in.  Alexander makes a gutsy call and scores with several shots from the inside. Khan is trying to keep Alexander at bay with the jab. Alexander delivers a solid cross to the body, countered with a right hand from Khan. Khan dances away and fires a jab that misses the target.

    Round 2 Winner: Khan 20-18 Khan

    Round 3: Alexander is hurt from a body shot. Now it is Alexander who is trying to fight Khan from the outside to avoid Khan’s shots. Alexander scores with a short uppercut to Khan’s jaw. Alexander scores with a left and a right. Alexander traps Khan in the corner. Khan lands a short uppercut and gets away. Khan scores with a series of jabs and ties up Alexander as he tries to bull his way inside. Khan lands with a powerful hook, but it does not phase Alexander, who lands an uppercut of his own. Alexander scores with the jab, tries to get inside, but is shoved away by Khan.

    Round 3: Khan 30-27 Khan

    Round 4: Alexander fires a jab to the stomach. Both fighters get back to the center of the ring. Alexander lands a thudding shot to Khan’s ribcage. Alexander lands a short hook to Khan’s midsection and Khan is hurt. Alexander lands with a cross and Khan is hurt again. Alexander is bullying Khan on the inside and lands a short hook to the head. Khan’s right eye is beginning to swell. Alexander lands with a quick combination downstairs. The cross lands for Alexander. Khan scores with two short rights and a left hook to the body.

    Round 4 Winner: Alexander 39-37 Khan

    Round 5: Khan lands with a combination downstairs. Khan scores with a straight cross down the pipe. Khan also lands a short hook to the head. Alexander scores with the uppercut.

    Round 5 Winner: Khan 49-46 Khan

    Round 6: Khan lands a combination to the body of Alexander and gets caught by a huge straight left hand. Khan is hurt and retreats into a neutral corner. Alexander doubles up on the jab and Khan’s eye continues to swell. A solid jab lands for Alexander. Alexander traps Khan in the corner and lands an uppercut and a huge hook to the body. Khan is hurt again, as he gets caught with a short uppercut to the jaw from inside.

    Round 6 Winner: Alexander 58-56 Khan

    Round 7: Alexander fires the jab, followed by a nice cross. Khan moves in and connects with an uppercut to the head. Alexander traps Khan in the lower neutral corner, but Khan gets away. Alexander lands with another cross, as Khan’s right eye continues to swell. Alexander misses with the uppercut and gets nailed by a Khan hook. The jab also lands for Khan. Khan is rocked by an uppercut at the end of the round.

    Round 7 Winner: Alexander 67-66 Khan

    Round 8: Alexander keeps Khan at bay with the jab. A brutal combination lands for Alexander. Khan lands a nice cross, but Alexander turned with it, absorbing most of the shot. Alexander is starting to tire in this round, Khan lands with a cross to the head. Khan bangs away and manages to land an uppercut in the process. Khan gets hurt by a hook.

    Round 8 Winner: Alexander 76-76

    Round 9: Alexander lands a nice left hand. The swelling around Khan’s right eye continues to hinder his abilities. Alexander lands with a hook to the head, but misses with the follow up cross. Khan is getting beat up in this round. He just took a hook as he tried to work inside and gets hit with another uppercut. Khan lands an uppercut of his own as Alexander was coming in. Alexander was stunned by that shot. Khan lands with a cross that rocks Alexander as well. Alexander sneaks in a quick uppercut. Alexander dips low as if he were about to land a body shot and lands a quick hook upstairs. Now, it is Khan who is trouble and he survives the round.

    Round 9 Winner: Tie 86-86

    Round 10: Alexander connects with an uppercut. Khan retreats into the far corner and takes a devastating hook from Alexander. Khan is rattled and hurt. Alexander is throwing a ton of punches. It appears his killer instinct has kicked in. Khan lands with a short cross on an aggressive Alexander. Khan’s uppercut sent Alexander into the ropes! Khan thinks he can finish him off! Khan lands a solid uppercut and gets caught by a counter right hook by Alexander and down he goes! Khan is up at five. Khan finishes the round on defense as he tries to recover from the knockdown.

    Round 10 Winner: Alexander 96-94 Alexander

    Round 11: Khan is throwing punches and bunches, disrupting Alexander’s rhythm. Alexander lands with the cross and follows up with an uppercut. A solid combination lands for Khan on the outside.

    Round 11 Winner: Khan 105-104 Alexander

    Round 12: Alexander lands with a ferocious uppercut. Khan is in trouble. Khan is trying to stay away. Khan slides into a neutral corner. Alexander lands a tremendous body shot and Khan goes down for the second time in the fight. Khan is up at four. Another hook for Alexander, Khan looks like he is ready to go. Alexander is doing some solid bodywork. Khan is fighting for his life and is firing away, but he isn’t landing. Alexander lands with a solid uppercut on the inside. This fight is over.

    Round 12 Winner: Alexander 115-112

    Winner: Devon Alexander by Unanimous Decision