Klitschko: Tyson Fury is a psychopath


Wladimir KlitschkoWladimir Klitschko has probably seen it all in his years of running the heavyweight division. He’s seen a David Haye toe excuse, seen Haye and Dereck Chisora brawl at a press conference after his brother’s fight with Chisora, he’s had Shannon Briggs chase him around for the past few years on a beach and from city-to-city, and he’s even had water spat on him by Chisora.

Seeing Tyson Fury dress up as the Dark Knight, Batman, and tackle the evil Joker in front of him? That maybe a first Klitschko said, although he was unaffected.

“How can that press conference antics affect me? I’m preparing for one of the toughest battles of my career. I think he’s bipolar, a psychopath. I can make him a fitter person and the treatment is the fight. It will be reality rehab in how to behave himself.”

But Klitschko knows this will be one of the biggest fights of his title reign because frankly, it’s hard to prepare for such a heavyweight as Fury. Eager to learn more information about slots on mobile? Check out fancasinos.org to look at the most played mobile slots for US punters. Experienced gambling experts have covered software studios, return to players, as well as additional aspects.

“I’m not underestimating Tyson Fury as a boxer. He’s very unpredictable, he probably doesn’t know himself what he’s going to do. His size and reach makes it difficult to fight him in the ring, and I’m not going to underestimate his boxing.”

But Klitschko says there is something wrong with Fury and feels that a fight with him will humble the outspoken Fury, much like he did with David Haye.

“There is a lot of insecurities in this man. I think there is a lot of bipolar inside this man. There are definitely psychological issues that need to be fixed. I promised the same thing for David Haye [in 2011], and he is definitely a better person after our fight. I can do the same with Tyson Fury. I can change this man to be a better person.”