Lanard Lane Says He Will Go ‘Toe to Toe’ With Frankie Gomez


Philadelphia welterweight Lanard Lane (13-2 8 KOs) will step into the ring this Saturday against undefeated prospect Frankie Gomez. The fight is scheduled for 10 rounds and will be televised on Fox Deportes. Lane heads into this fight as the underdog, but a live body with a chance to upset the Golden Boy prospect.

Lane has been in the ring with talented fighters, including Mike Dallas Jr. But Lane will be Gomez’s toughest fight to date. Lane feels like he has the upper hand with his experience and talent.

“I’ve been in big tough fights my whole career with a lot of good opponents. I’ve been in a lot of tough battles, the fans know how those fights turned out. I’m not worried about Frankie Gomez, he’s just another stepping stone to me. He’s just somebody in my way of becoming the champ; he hasn’t been through any good opponents. Golden Boy has just been babysitting him basically, come February 2nd we’re going to see what he’s made of,” Lane said.

Lane is definitely getting prepared for Gomez and has done his homework as he prepares for the upset.

“We watched tape on him, we looked over all the wild punches he throws. He works around a lot of good people and I don’t take anything away from him. I respect what he does and he’s going to have to respect my speed and my power.”

In his last 4 fights Lane is 2-2 with his losses coming at the hands of talented fighters. Lane says he has always had the ability, but the lessons he’s learned in those losses has taught him to take the fight in his own hands.

“I’ve changed definitely not to leave it in the judge’s hands. It’s a different training method right now that we’re going over. I’m a lot stronger and we’ve got strength and conditioning.”

Lane admitted that his loss to Dallas Jr. was circumstantial as he was dealing with some out of the ring issues, making no excuses for the loss, but making it clear he is in a different place mentally for this fight.

“I was dealing with a lot of situations during that fight with Mike, my girlfriend at the time had a brain surgery and I was going through a lot with the family and I wasn’t mentally involved in that fight at all. Just me learning off that fight and being mentally and physically prepared for any fight that comes my way was a learning experience, I wasn’t hurt or knockdown. I lost on the cards against another good fighter. It’s all a lesson and it’s the past.”

Lane spoke adamantly about his intentions on bringing the fight to Gomez, suggesting that he will dictate where the fight goes in route to an upset and ultimately the start of a meaningful 2013 campaign.

“On this next fight, I’m not leaving it in nobody’s hands. We can go toe to toe, I can box him, however I’m feeling that day. We’re going to let the hands go, I’m going to surprise the world so I want you all to tune in.”

“This year will start off right when I upset Frankie Gomez. I’m going to say 2 or 3 more good fights and we’ll go for a title fight.”


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