Lemieux-Rosado Prediction: Round by Round Analysis


    LemieuxRosadoPrePC_Hoganphotos4Gabriel Rosado (21-8, 13 KOs) will get another shot to prove his durability when he faces the powerful Canadian middleweight David Lemieux (32-2, 30 KOs) on Saturday at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York (HBO, 10 p.m. ET/PT).

    Rosado has a new trainer in Jesse Reid and is coming into this bout as confident as he has ever been after his knockout victory over Brian Vera on Big Knockout Boxing. Can it carry over into December 6?

    David Lemieux is riding a seven-bout win streak after suffering two-back-to-back defeats, including a seventh round stoppage loss against Marco Antonio Rubio, who was most recently destroyed by Gennady Golovkin, who has also stopped Gabriel Rosado. Six of Lemieux’s past seven victories have come by way of KO, including five within the first three rounds.

    Gabriel Rosado is no Fernando Guerrero, despite taking a loss against the latter six years ago in an eight-round bout. Styles make fights and Rosado is one tough fighter. Without further ado, it is time to let the prediction do the talking. This bout is a non-title bout, scheduled for 12 rounds.

    Round 1: The bell rings and this fight is underway. Lemieux traps Rosado in a corner and lands a crushing hook that hurts Rosado. Rosado’s eyes glazed over after that shot, as he retreats to a neutral corner. Rosado returns the favor and lands a combination of his own that hurts Lemieux. Lemieux backs away as Rosado tries to follow up and runs right into a sweet uppercut. Rosado is hurt, but still on the attack and lands an overhand right. Lemieux is stunned, continuing to go after Rosado. Rosado is shaken again by a right hand to the head. The crowd is on their feet. We have a fight! Both fighters managed to stun each other.

    Round 1 Winner: Tie 10-10

    Round 2: Rosado scores with the jab, but Lemieux responds with a nice cross to the head of Rosado. Lemieux slips and catches Rosado with a nice hook. Both guys are looking to make some noise inside, with Rosado landing a nice uppercut to the jaw. Lemieux gets away and gets back to work on Rosado’s body, landing a hard combination. The hooks are continuing to find Rosado’s face as we end the second round.

    Round 2 Winner: Lemieux 20-19 Lemieux

     Round 3: Lemieux catches Rosado with a hook right on the chin. Rosado is motioning Lemieux to bring it on, landing a nice hook to the body. Rosado flicks the jab, but is caught by a blistering combination from Lemieux, in an excellent display of counter-punching techniques. With Rosado on wobbly legs, Lemieux continues to pound away, landing a short uppercut to the jaw from inside, followed by a right cross. Rosado scores with a pair of jabs and lands a nice uppercut to the chin of Lemieux.

    Round 3 Winner: Lemieux 30-28 Lemieux

    Round 4: A big cross lands for Lemieux and Rosado has a vacant look in his eyes. That was a hard shot. A combination from Lemieux follows that up and Rosado is hurt even more. Rosado backs away from the ropes and catches Lemieux with an uppercut, but that did not phase Lemieux. A powerful cross lands for Lemieux. Time has been called for an accidental head butt. Rosado appears to be okay, but is not pleased with David Lemieux, urging him to pour it on. Lemieux does just that and lands a cross to the head of Rosado. Another combination lands for the Canadian, followed by an uppercut. Lemieux ends the fourth with a wicked hook to the body.

    Round 4 Winner: Lemieux 40-37 Lemieux

    Round 5: A hard shot to the ribs lands for Lemieux. Rosado scores well with the combination, then backs into the corner. This was a bad idea. Lemieux lands a wicked combination and down goes Rosado. Rosado is up at seven. The first knockdown of the evening has been scored by David Lemieux. Rosado’s right eye is beginning to swell. Lemieux is swinging for the fences trying to knockout Rosado. Lemieux doubles up on the hook to the body, but Rosado is still hanging in there. An uppercut to the head lands for Lemieux. Rosado fires away, but comes up empty.

    Round 5 Winner: Lemieux 50-45 Lemieux

    Round 6: Lemieux lands a lead right to the head of Rosado. Rosado motions Lemieux to pour it on and takes a punishing overhand right to the jaw. Rosado lands a combination of his own. It seems that Rosado wants to infuriate Lemieux to try and coerce him into making a defensive mistake. Rosado lets his hands go and scores with several blows. Lemieux looks frustrated as he cannot land his signature combination. Rosado lands the straight right hand. This is by far his best round of the fight since the first. Lemieux lands a solid cross. The swelling on Rosado’s right eye continues to worsen. Lemieux turns the tables and pounds Rosado with a powerful combination.

    Round 6 Winner: Rosado 59-55 Lemieux

    Round 7: Lemieux knows he lost that round and rushes out at the bell to send a message to Rosado. Lemieux lands a pair of short right hands just above the waist line. The pop behind Rosado’s punches we saw a round ago are not showing up in the seventh. Rosado is hurt from a Lemieux right hook. Rosado is bleeding from that punch outside his left eyebrow. Rosado gets in a hook to the body, followed by a cross to the head, one that Lemieux did not see coming. Both fighters trade body shots. A good cross lands for Lemieux. Rosado’s eye is looking pretty bad. Rosado lands a jab to end the round.

    Round 7 Winner: Lemieux 69-64 Lemieux

    Round 8: Lemieux blocks Rosado in, but misses badly and gets caught by a Gabe Rosado right cross. Lemieux comes back and lands a tremendous hook, followed up by a devastating cross. Lemieux lands a combination and sends Rosado to the canvas for the second time. Rosado is up at 8. Lemieux has Rosado where he wants him. A right hook and Rosado crashes to the floor for the second time in the round and the third time in the fight. Rosado finishes the round, but it is a huge 10-7 round for David Lemieux.

    Round 8 Winner: Lemieux 79-71 Lemieux

    Round 9: The fighters exchange blows to start the ninth. Rosado landed a nice cross and Lemieux was able to land a jab or two. Rosado tagged Lemieux with a right hook, but it did not land very cleanly. Rosado is a little slow this round and Lemieux ducks under his shots easily. A pair of body shots score for Lemieux. Lemieux feints to the head and lands a nice body shot. Lemieux lands a jab to the midsection and a right hook sends the sweat flying from Gabriel Rosado’s head. Stunned, Rosado survives the round.

    Round 9 Winner: Lemieux 89-80 Lemieux

    Round 10: Rosado is running low on steam. That jab may have landed, but it did not have much behind it. Rosado lands a hook to the head, but the follow up cross came up short. Lemieux peppers Rosado with the jab before landing a strong uppercut to the body. A huge combination catches Rosado and once again he survives the round, but fashionably stunned.

    Round 10 Winner: Lemieux 99-89

    Round 11: Boom! Lemieux starts off the 11th with a bang and a pulchritudinous hook to the chin sends Rosado to the canvas for the fourth time tonight. Rosado is in huge trouble. Lemieux on the attack, he lands hook after hook and Rosado is down again and is in danger of getting stopped. Rosado beats the count and will have to fight off a determined David Lemieux. Lemieux jabs at Rosado and a combination of shots to the head and body send Rosado to the canvas. The referee has seen enough. This fight is over. David Lemieux stops Gabriel Rosado.

    Winner: David Lemieux TKO 11