Lucas Matthysse: Receiving the Short End of the Stick Again


    Lucas Matthysse is known for many things: Being humble, being a beast in the ring, devastating KO power, a hard worker, and for getting the short end of the stick. Good things are supposed to come to those who work hard and are patient, but unfortunately the world does not work that way. It seems the more crude, vile and unappreciative get the riches, spoils, and rewards that life has to offer.

    It was recently announced that the all action bout between Lamont Peterson and Lucas Matthysse will be fought at a catch weight of 141 pounds and will be labelled as a welterweight fight. Peterson’s title will no longer be up for grabs as well as Matthysse’s interim belt. The main question here is why? With the fight being one measly pound above the limit, Matthysse’s dreams of becoming a world champion are dashed yet again for a bit longer.

    How does this “welterweight fight” fit into Golden Boy’s planned 140 lb. tournament? Truly a junior welterweight tourney cannot feature a welterweight fight. If the titles are not going to be on the line, that will take a lot of steam out of it. It takes away the drama edge and adds to the controversy.

    Could Golden Boy be trying to protect Peterson as their new fighter and keep him happy all at Matthysse’s expense?
    Matthysse was known for not going for the kill in the past, and he learned his lesson after his two controversial losses against Devon Alexander and Zab Judah. He started going for the kill as soon as the opening bell rang, which has resulted in some tremendous yet short fights, such as his war with Humberto Soto.

    The disappointment felt by fans is nothing compared to the disappointment felt by the fighter. For some reason Matthysse has been taken advantage of. He rarely shows that he is discouraged but uses it as motivation to move forward.

    Win or lose in the Peterson fight, he will still have his interim title and is expected to face Danny Garcia for Garcia’s championship belt unless his promoter has other plans for him or some unexpected change happens. You can be sure that Garcia will be keeping a close eye on this fight.