Łukasz Wierzbicki: Polska Pride


Lukasz Wierzbicki is truly an amazing talent who just made his professional debut in boxing on June 28th in Red Deer, Alberta. Wierzbicki was nervous going into the fight but not let his nervousness get the best of him. “I was nervous especially because there were lots of Polish people coming to the fight and I didn’t wanted to let anybody down. The atmosphere at the Sheraton Hotel was amazing. When I heard all those people screaming my name that was awesome and gave me a huge shot of energy,” said Wierzbicki who not only beat his opponent but dominated the awkward fighter. “I tried to stay away from his jab and tried to keep the pressure on him. He was awkward fighter. It’s really hard to do a nice (looking) fight against guys like him. Dos Santos is a quite big guy. He loses A lot of weight before his fights and I hit him a few times with really hard shots but he didn’t fall down and that was pretty shocking for me but next time you’ll see a beautiful KO.”

Wierzbicki is 22 years old. He was born in Poland, raised in a small town named Zawidow and moved to Calgary, Alberta Canada just five months ago. Although he left his family behind he does not let that get him down. The community has embraced him and he now feels that he has another family.

Wierzbicki started boxing at the age of 15 but that was not the only sport he was involved in. “I was involved in kickboxing. My first coach was Krzysztof Szyrma of Kick Fighter Zgorzelec. I was the champion of Poland a few times and I’ve even won European Seniors Cup. I also trained boxing at ZKB Zgorzelec. I did my fights in boxing mainly in Germany and I even worked with Universum Box Promotion in Hamburg Germany. I was often hired as a sparring partner for the guys who were already pros.”

Amateur boxing and professional boxing have its differences. Different equipment, different conditioning and longer fights. “With no head gear and 4 rounds it is quite a bit different. You can feel every shot you land much more than in amateur fights. I’ve been working hard for it in the gym for a long time and was ready to turn pro. I still have lots of things left to learn but I like hard work so just need some patience,” said Wierzbicki who has molded his mentality after certain boxers. ” I admire such fighters as The Klitschko brothers but not for their boxing style but because they are great athlets. They are very intelligent and educated people. I also like Muhammad Ali who was a smart guy too. I really enjoy reading some of his poems. For boxing style I really like Yuriorkis Gamboa. He is super aggressive and super fast in the ring. That’s what I like.” Wierzbicki would view himself as a fast fighter in the ring as well. “My biggest attribute is definitely my speed and I am very hard working person. I know what I want. I have my dreams and won’t let anybody to take it away from me.”

So his debut is over and the jitters from having his first professional fight are over. Where does he go from here? ” Everything depends on my manager Mr. Chris Ganescu, I am not going to take any brakes and am going back to the gym on Tuesday. I’d like to stay busy and do 4 maybe 5 fights more before the end of the year. I don’t know the date of my next fight but Mr. Ganescu knows this business very and he knows what he’s doing so I am sure that he’ll get me the next fight soon. In one year from now I see myself with record 8 or 10-0 with some good knockouts and I look forward to have some fights in United States as well.”

He has the talent and only he can push himself to where he wants to be and with the work and partners that he gets at the Teofista Gym things are looking bright for him. “I spar a lot with Steve Claggett. Sometimes we go really hard but at the end we shake our hands and we support each other. We became good friends.”
On top of everything he maintains a positive attitude and offers some advice to fans out there in his closing statement. “Don’t be afraid of making your dreams come true. You guys want something, go and get it ’cause nobody is going to give you anything for free. Work hard and be patient. Hard work pays off. Hope you guys enjoyed my last fight and can’t wait to show you my skills in the next one.”