Malignaggi rips McGregor: Every Door You Open There’s a Beating Waiting For You


    Conor McGregor is living the high-life life after his massive payday against Floyd Mayweather last year. He made so much money that many fight fans are speculating if he would ever fight again. Whether it’s in the UFC or boxing and they had good reason to do so. Dana White would love for McGregor to return to the UFC but it seems that McGregor has no intention to do so unless they make it worth his while after getting a taste of that Mayweather money. In fact, McGregor wants them to beg him to return as he has stated through his social media. McGregor even went as far to say that with his whiskey that was released he has no need to return.

    These actions did not sit well with McGregor’s former sparring partner and former two-division world champion Paulie Malignaggi. Malignaggi took shots at McGregor’s testicular fortitude and exclaimed that if McGregor would return to either sport, the only thing that would await him is a beating.

    “Beg, beg and beg again you narcissist fool,” stated Malignaggi via Twitter. “Keep begging, then when you don’t get it stay clear of the cage or ring cause u only have beatings to look forward to. And none of them pay what a beating from Floyd pays.”

    “You have this weird obsession with people begging or worshipping you but lemme give you some real talk, NO MATTER how much of that whiskey you’re drinkin your balls aren’t ACTUALLY getting bigger. You’ve nowhere to run you pussy, every door you open there’s a beating waiting for you.”

    Julio Garcia