Mansour “No disrespect, but this guy doesn’t have the skills to be in the ring with me!”


Amir MansourESPN Friday Night Fights as we know it is shortly coming to an end. With its last installment coming in May, Al Haymon’s Premier Boxing Champions is soon to take over the network with a time buy Haymon purchased. Before it goes though, we’ll be treated to an exciting heavyweight fight between not 1 but 2 Philadelphia powerhouses. Joey Dawekjo, or the Tank as they call him, just recently 2 weeks ago secured a tremendous 1st round knockout with a devastating left hand that face planted his opponent.

The fight was intended to set up a lucrative heavyweight fight between the exciting Dawejko and the also exciting Amir Mansour. Mansour, who was live at the event, had a share of words with Dawejko after the event was over. They did side by side media interviews where an exchange of words was starting to heat up before Mansour left as Dawejko was finishing an interview.

Mansour was not holding back on anything he was saying, as he yelled, “No disrespect, but this guy does not have the skills to be in the ring with me!” The comment was taken with a grain of salt by Dawejko, but it sure did stir things up and made things a whole lot more interesting as the fight build up.

Both men produce tremendous punching power, so devastating that they both are coming out of jaw-dropping knockouts. Mansour was last in the ring November 8th, against Fred Kassi, who he flattened in the 7th round. The knockout highlights of these two make for a highly anticipated main event, where else to be showcased than on ESPN in their own hometown of Philadelphia. The winner will surely hold bragging rights of the city for their division.