Marcos Maidana On Adrien Broner: I Can Respect His Personality Because That Is Who He Is But I Will Not Respect Him.


    The war of words on social media began a while ago between Marcos Maidana and Adrien Broner and has fueled an even bigger interest for boxing fans to see the two fighters go to war and with the styles that the two fighters have fight fans are in for a treat.

    Speaking of styles…since Maidana joined up with trainer Robert Garcia he has evolved to be more than just a puncher. Maidana has learned to utilize the jab (even though he does not use it for the whole fight), has faster hand speed and has a bit more defense than we are used to seeing.

    “We’ve been working on defense and being calm in the ring,” said Maidana. “Robert is not going to change my style.”

    Maidana has met Broner once before when Broner faced off against Eloy Perez and Maidana was not to impressed with Broner’s antics.

    “I met Broner once before when I fought Devon Alexander in St. Louis. We said hello and now that we are fighting all I can say is ‘Fuck Broner!’ Last year when he fought Eloy Perez he was very disrespectful to Eloy and his family and I said to myself ‘what kind of a guy would do such a thing and disrespect his family?’ It’s his personality. I don’t think people like the way he acts and what he says. I can respect his personality because that is who he is but I will not respect him.”

    When it comes to fighting one can only expect one thing from Maidana: Seek and Destroy. His plan is to win but having never fought anyone who plays mind games and tries to get into a fighters head how will he handle it?

    “The plan is to win. I have never faced anyone who does the antics that Broner does but I am not afraid of him and do not care what he does.”

    Broner showcased great skills and sharp-shooting abilities when he fought Paulie Malignaggi. His defense was not impressive but then again with Malignaggi’s punching power he had nothing much to be worried about. How will Broner take Maidana’s power and what will he do? Will it be too much or will he be able to weather the storm and display his own test of strength against his foe? According Maidana, Broner will not know what to do.

    “The power will be in my favor. I will catch him at some point in the fight and when I do he will not know what to do.”