Mariana Juarez stepping away from boxing to join politics?


    By: Julio Garcia

    Longevity in boxing does not sit well with a lot of fighters. Some stick around for one last taste of glory while others try to continue to gain riches so they can retire comfortably but end up as a gate-keeper and a punching bag for up-and-coming fighters. Then there are those that manage to stick around for long periods of time and keep their relevancy with no possible end in sight.

    Mariana Juarez has fought as a professional boxer for twenty-two years. She has won numerous world titles, fought some of the best in the business, and put herself out there when she posed for Playboy Mexico. She became a star that shone for a significant amount of time but her time in boxing may be coming to a close.

    On October 31, 2020, Juarez fought and lost her WBC bantamweight title to Yulihan Alejandra Luna Avila. It marked the tenth loss in her career. There was some talk about who her next opponent would be but nothing was ever signed. Now, it appears Juarez will take a step back from boxing for a short period of time (could be longer, only time will tell) to get involved with politics. Juarez has joined Redes Sociales Progresistas (RSP) to coordinate sports around Mexico City.

    “I accept this invitation and am very happy to be able to spread what I love the most which are sports [and] to be able to influence many children and adults. You can play sports at any age you want, you will be active and happy. People believe that I am super strong and I have never been through a difficult situation but I am an ordinary woman who has had  very difficult situations and thanks to sports I have come out ahead.,” stated Juarez.

    As far as a rematch goes with Luna, 2021 is the projected time frame for it to take place.