Mayweather – McGregor / UFC needs to die already


    The circus act between Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor was truly something this year. One could say it was one of the most if not the most talked-about sporting event to take place in 2017. The fight was the second biggest pay-per-view behind Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao and could have been the biggest had it not have been for all the illegal streams. One thing that was for sure was that people wanted to watch to see what would happen and as many who follow boxing thought would happen, happened. You would think that would be it and we would have to not live through any of this anymore but my friend, you are wrong.

    Publicity and greed have shown its face yet once again as those in the fight world try to shovel shit down our throats once again all in order for them to make a buck, scratch that a gigantic buck. Dana White has stated that Mayweather may potentially be going to the UFC as part of a multi-fight deal which could earn these businessmen a ton of money. Mayweather has since refuted the claims but there have been reports as well stating that Mayweather has been training in mixed martial arts for a while now.

    There’s a lot of news everywhere on the topic, some of it real news and some of it fake but for the most part, talk of this just needs to die and be forgotten. It was obvious McGregor would not win in a boxing ring against Mayweather and had things have been the other way with Mayweather fighting inside the octagon, there’s no way in hell Mayweather could have won. We are giving too much attention to a circus act that has gone on longer than it should have been and those participating in each sport that is working hard deserve the attention more than this shit show.

    Julio Garcia