Mayweather Shows Respect to Team Maidana, Tells Other Fighters (Khan) They Have To Earn The Fight


Floyd Mayweather met with the media this afternoon before the Canelo-Angulo pay-per-view to announce his fight with Marcos Maidana dubbed “The Moment”. After weeks of speculation of who might get the call to fight Mayweather, it came down to two fighters, Amir Khan and Marcos Maidana.

For months it seemed like Khan had the fight in the bag but with Maidana’s recent upset of Adrien Broner, Mayweather tabbed Maidana to be his foe for May 3, 2014. “Look at his last 4 fights (Maidana) and look at Khan’s last 4 fights and that’s why I picked Maidana,” Mayweather told the media.

Mayweather would continue to say about Khan, “Ya already know what I suggested about the fight on my undercard, if you want to fight me, you got to earn it.” That was a direct shot to Amir Khan as Mayweather had mentioned to Khan that if he fights on his undercard and beats Broner, he would definitely get the fight.

Mayweather is his own boss ever since he left Top Rank Promotions and said, “It was the best decision I ever made in my life. I was making 7 figures with them and now I’m making 8 figures as my own boss.”

According to Mayweather and Schaefer there were already 14,000 tickets sold and that was just based off today when tickets went on sale. Mayweather told the media he has basically earned the right to pick and choose who he wants to fight because of all of his accomplishments in boxing as being the best boxer in this era. “I don’t duck nobody, I earned the right to pick and choose who i want to fight. I picked fighters who earn a fight with me and sometimes I don’t,” Mayweather said.

Mayweather expects a tough fight with Maidana but doesn’t expect the fight to go the distance. He acknowledged the awkward shots that Maidana throws and his tenacity and aggressiveness in cutting off the ring.  The respect is there from Mayweather’s side as he also told the media that Robert Garcia is one of the best trainers in the sport.

Granted, Maidana has earned the shot to face Mayweather and thus deserves his moment on the big stage. But this fight is reminiscent of other Mayweather fights where he’ll be the longer, faster guy and the one with the better defense. Should we expect something different in May? Or will Maidana prove the masses wrong again that basically gave him no shot against Adrien Broner?