Mayweather Sr. Says CJ Ross Has a Crazy Mind, Hopes To Pick The Judges For Mayweather’s Next Fight


In the highly publicized match up against Saul “Canelo” Alvarez, Floyd Mayweather once again proved that he is one of boxing all-time greats. It’s not just that he won the fight against a younger, and stronger opponent in Alvarez, it’s in the way he dismantled him to do so. Leading Floyd in his corner is his father Floyd Mayweather Sr. Being in your mid 30’s in any sport and remains competitive is a tall task on its own. Floyd Jr. has been competing at the highest level far longer than some thought. “He’s the best fighter out there today and he’s 36 years old,” stated Floyd Sr.

Now that “The One” is over and Mayweather showed that Canelo is not quite ready to compete with him, many are left wondering who Floyd Jr.’s next opponent will be. In what was called the Main Event before the Main Event Danny Garcia took on Lucas Matthysse on the undercard of “The One”. This fight was agreed upon after the initial “The One” announcement and since the fight was signed many speculated that the winner of that matchup could be a future Mayweather opponent. Floyd Sr. is confident in his son’s ability and still thinks that no one can challenge Floyd, “They don’t have a prayer, neither one of them.”

Prior to the fight, there was plenty of drama between the two camps about the weight issue, which was documented well by the All Access Series on Showtime. Just moments after the final bell, the controversy began to rise again. Most who watched the fight would agree that Mayweather won the majority of the rounds, and if you were to give rounds to Canelo, it would be few and far between. So when the decision was announced as a Majority Decision (meaning two judges scored the fight a win and another scored the fight a draw) it came as a surprise to the fighters, the crowd, and most watching at home. CJ Ross after twelve rounds scored the fight 114-114 a draw. Floyd Sr. has been open about his feelings regarding the score, “She’s crazy.” He continued, “Anybody who scores a fight like that, talking about a draw, you have to have a crazy mind”.

Boxing as a sport for many years has been ostracized by the casual observer, as most feel boxing is a corrupt. It’s hard to argue when at least a few times a year you have decisions like this that leave the questions in your head. Floyd Sr. agrees that boxing is losing popularity due to the preconceived notion that boxing is corrupt, he stated, ”That right there is why boxing is going down.” Floyd Sr. also stated that when his son is ready to get back into the ring, they will have a new terms for their fights, “From what we see, if we can’t pick our own judges… f*ck ‘em.”