Mickey Bey Jr. Fails Post-Fight Drug Test


    Things just don’t seem to be getting any easier for undefeated lightweight prospect, Mickey Bey Jr. (19-0-1, 10 knockouts). After a 14-month hiatus from the ring due to promotional issues, Bey made his emphatic return to the ring after scoring a third-round knockout over Robert Rodriguez (7-3, 3 knockouts) on February 2nd. Bey seemed poised to finally earn his long-desired title shot by years end, but things may have crashing down once again for the lightweight hopeful.

    On February 19th, rumors began to spread of Bey failing a drug test for elevated testosterone levels. The Nevada State Athletic Commission would later go on to confirm the swirling rumors. According to representative Keith Kizer, the highest acceptable testosterone to epitestosterone level would be 6-to-1. Bey’s test came back with a ratio that was well over 30-to-1. Kizer couldn’t elaborate any further on what the drug may have been, but he did confirm that the result is due to the use of  “a synthetic steroid.”

    Without an official statement (as of now), there is no way of knowing how Bey will approach the allegations. If he accepts and owns up to the accussations, he could face a potential fine and suspension which would once again stall a career that just seemed to get going again.

    As Kizer puts it, “Bey will have an opportunity to respond to these allegations as soon as he sees fit. [However] if he is found guilty by the committee for doping violations he could face up to a year-long suspension, but normally for first time offenders its 9-months. He could also face a fine of what could potentially be his whole purse of $8,000, but they normally do less than the whole purse for the first offense. The decision of his victory could also be changed to a “no-decision”

    As mentioned earlier, an official statement has yet to be made by Bey and his management. Be sure to keep all eyes on Tha’ Boxing Voice for updates on this post as the situation continues to play itself out.