Nacho Beristain Honored Earlier In The Year With Event In Nicaragua


    In the world of boxing, there is a lot that goes unnoticed especially when it comes to a member of a fighter’s team and not the fighter themselves.

    This past April 20th, Ignacio “Nacho” Beristain was at the Alexis Arguello Gym in Nicaragua to see some amateur fights and was treated like royalty by the Nicaraguan people. Nacho was swarmed by people begging for photo’s and autographs. You would of thought that he was at a Marquez press conference in Mexico.

    Even though Nacho was treated like royalty he did not view himself higher than anyone else in the building. Nacho wanted to sit with the people because he felt like they were his people.

    Even though there were fights going on Nacho was the star of the evening. The fights were put on for Nacho, for his entertainment, and he was very grateful for what the Nicaraguan people did for him. “I loved getting to know this country a lot,” said Nacho. “Tomorrow I will visit Masaya and Granada on Monday. I am very happy with my visit and look forward to returning here (Nicaragua) in the future. Nicaraguan’s have a great personality and I really loved the ladies. Here it felt like I was among my people. If I am humble then you are much better.”

    It is great to see that an event was put on for a great person in Beristain and even better to see the way he reacted. Mexico and Nicaragua work with each other in boxing and seem to be building a bond between the two nations. This event could have been a great start to what the future has to offer.