Nonito Donaire: ‘I Have All the Weapons, One Punch Can End This Fight’

    1317 was on hand last night at the Boxing Writer’s Association of America Awards banquet, and we got a chance to catch up with the 2012 Fighter of the Year Nonito Donaire. We discussed a variety of topics ranging from the winning of his award, the news of his wife expecting their first child in July, and his upcoming fight this Saturday with WBA World Super Bantamweight Champion Guillermo Rigodeaux.

    Donaire feels that this fight with Rigondeaux presents a unique challenge that he hasn’t experienced thus far in his career. He went on to say, “Well I’ve never been challenged in terms of the way my fighting is, and he fights in kind of a similar way that I’m fighting, so we’ll see how challenging it is ahead of me. Not that I’m overconfident with my style but I’ve never faced anyone that can out think me, so we’ll see how smart he is.”

    One perception is that because of the styles of both men, this fight could turn out to be a technical chess match that may not be the most entertaining, action packed type of fight that most fans crave for. Donaire acknowledges this, but he also went on to explain, “He said he will be aggressive, and I said that I was going to go for a knockout if I can. Definitely we both have power and as much as it can be a fast paced chess match or it can be a very slow kind of thing, but I know one punch can end this fight.”

    When asked if he believes that he could end this fight with his signature left hook, just as he did in his last fight against former Mexican champion Jorge Arce, Donaire replied, “The thing about me is I have all the weapons from uppercuts, hooks, overhands, and straights. I have all the powers and all the weapons in boxing, so whatever opportunities are presented in front of me then I’ll take that.”

    With everything that has been going on in Donaire’s life lately, from receiving accolades and awards to the news of his wife expecting a baby this July, it’s very easy to get sidetracked and possibly lose his focus on boxing, but he dismissed that notion claiming, “You reach the pinnacle of boxing where you get all the awards. You’re Fighter of the Year. You’ve won multiple division titles. You’ve won belts, and you are having a baby where everything else is focusing towards that, but I enjoy every moment of it, and I take in every moment of it. When I’m not boxing that’s my distraction. That’s where I am, but when I’m inside that ring that’s all I can thing about is being inside that ring.”

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