Paulie Malignaggi: Mayweather doesn’t need Haymon Approval, Pacquiao needs Arum








    Paulie Malignaggi has not been one to be mum on his stance on how the negotiations between Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao should play out. He told our own Josh Grayfer that Mayweather is the A-Side, and if Pacquiao and Arum wanted to make the fight, they would have to accept the A-Side’s demands. Where the negotiations are at this point remains to be seen but Malignaggi feels the fight will happen.

    “I think the fight is going to be made. They’re just little games being played on both sides,” Malignaggi told, “I think the fight happens, I think that’s what everyone wants. I think the fighters both know that what everybody wants, and more importantly I think the promoters know that’s what everybody wants.”

    As the B-Side in the negotiation, it has been reported that Pacquiao has agreed to all terms that include the date, venue, drug testing protocol, and the lesser of a 60-40 split. So dare we ask why hasn’t the fight happened. Malignaggi believes it is mind games between Mayweather and Arum holding up the fight.

    “In this case its Arum with Pacquiao, he’s going to try to fight to get as much as he can and rightfully so,” explained Malignaggi. “He’s the promoter of Manny. At the same time, Floyd is the A side, and they’re going to have to submit to a lot of negotiations. They’re going to have to remiss on a lot of the demands. It’s ok I think it’s going to be enough to make the fight because I think Arum is playing mind games at the moment and so is Floyd. The more Arum talks, the more Floyd reminds Manny that’s its Arum doing the negotiations, not Manny. Even if Manny says I agree to everything, it’s Arum that has to agree to everything because it’s Arum that’s the boss.”

    Many people say Mayweather doesn’t make his decisions either, and the man behind Mayweather is the ever powerful Al Haymon, who advises over 130 fighters, including Malignaggi. The “Magic Man “feels that the situation between Mayweather and Haymon is far different that Pacquiao and Arum.

    “People say Floyd has a boss to but Floyd is the one dictating the terms, so he sets them forth for you so you(Pacquiao) and Arum have to agree to them,” stated Malignaggi. “If I say I (Pacquiao) agree to the fight, my promoter has to agree to the fight too because my promoter is getting a cut of the money, so they want to make the best of the negotiations too. Floyd ain’t got to dictate what they do, and Al Haymon isn’t going to tell him what to do but advises him. In Manny’s case, he can’t do the deal without Arum approving.”

    All that being said, Malignaggi stands firm in his belief that we finally get what we have wanted for over five years now.

    “I think it’s going to come together, I heard some up lighting news. I think it’ll get done before the Super Bowl.”