Peter Quillin Ready For His Title Shot And Wants The Best At 160 After N’Jikam

    (July 22, 2011 – Source: Scott Heavey/Getty Images North America)

      Middleweight contender “Kid Chocolate” Peter Quillin is from Grand Rapids, Michigan has spent 12 years living in Brooklyn. Now residing in Manhattan, he has gotten every fighter’s dream, to fight for a world championship. This was something that was inevitable for a man with a powerful story to tell, a powerful promotional Company in Golden Boy to back him, and a powerful if not the most powerful advisor in Al Haymon. “So taking this fight, I’m very happy that my people can make such a great opportunity happen for me in Brooklyn, the Champion is coming to Brooklyn to fight me in my back yard so it says a lot about him, but by all means I will not take this guy lightly,” said Quillin.

    Quillin (27-0, 20 KO) has a task at hand come October 20, 2012 live at Brooklyn’s Barclays Center. Number 5 rated TBV and Ring rated middleweight Hassan N’Dam N’Jikam will be his toughest matchup to date, on paper. “This is a very important fight for me, but every fight that I step out there for is the biggest test of my career because to me when your fighter and you go against other fighters, it’s 50/50. I don’t care what nobody say what the odds are, one punch can always change a fight,” explained Quillin.

    The Middleweight division as of late has evolved into one of the most exciting division in boxing with Daniel Geale defeating Felix Strum and unifying the IBF and Super WBA titles, the emergence of Gennady Golovkin, and Sergio “La Marvilla” Martinez facing Julio Cesar Chavez Jr September 15, 2012. The division has become one big boiling pot in which you can match either guy with one another and come out with a all action fight. “When we take these challenges, we have to make sure of the time we spend in the sport. Like me, I spent 7 years doing this man and I only have 15 amateur fights. When I go out there, not only do I have to prove to the fans but I have to prove to myself that I can perform at the level that I’m performing at,” said Quillin.

    Every now and again fighters take to the their twitters or to the media to make bold statements, with hopes of enticing fighters in to the ring, self promotion of sort, but things in life don’t always go as planned. “I’m the type of guy that I can tell you who I want to fight but that doesn’t mean I’m going to get those guys. I’ve been calling Sergio Martinez out and that’s the last guy I ever called out, because you know what I kind of made myself look bad doing that. I thought that fans would accept that. I’m a hard working fighter that believes in himself, believes in his skills, so I called the head honcho out and people gave me back lash for that and that’s where I got a lot of haters from.”

    With Dmitry Pirog being injured, the WBO promoted Hassan N’Dam N’Jikam to full Champion. A fight between unbeaten middleweight contenders Peter Quillin (27-0, 20 KO’s) and Marco Antonio Rubio (54-6-1, 47 KO’s) was a possibility for the October 20th card, but the always powerful Al Haymon made this miracle happen for his fighter Quillin, like he is known to do for all his stable. “The more pressure I have the better I do. Going into Brooklyn I could say is a dream come true but fighting for the world championship is a dream come true. To fight in New York City a place that I haven’t fought in over two years; in a place that’s just about to open (Barclay’s Center) makes me part of history right there.”

    In this day and age of with a win not being enough, a fighter must really go out and put on a stellar performance in order not to receive criticism. Winning but also winning big is possibly the most important aspect of a fighter’s game plan. Winning but winning with an awning performance guarantees a return date on the networks. “I have to have a spectacular performance when I step out there; I’m not taking anything less than that. When I go out there and all my fans are there, new people to the sport will be watching, so I have to inspire through my work ethic in this fight. I’m not going to take anything away from Hassan [N’Dam N’Jikam], he’s a very talented fighter that’s why he’s the champion and I’m going to respect him like the champion. Once I step in that ring I’m going to lose that respect because I want the belt,” added Quillin.

    Quillin had his fair share of critics when he called names and made challenge to fighters until the addition of Al Haymon. The unwritten rule in the Haymon stable is stay quiet and prepare for the unexpected especially when it comes to the negotiating table “I’m not scared of anybody, I’m not turning down challenges, I’m not saying who I want to fight. I let these people bring me the opportunities,” said Quillin.

    Sky is the limit with a win on October 20, and the biggest names are at the top of the food chain. “I want Gennady Golovkin, I want Sergio Martinez, I want Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. Chavez Jr trains in my same gym you know what I’m saying, I can’t even really say much, it’s a step by step process, so I’m working harder than ever because these opportunities are the real deal,” added Quillin.

    Quillin is matured enough to know that with every step forward he takes, new challengers emerge and he will soon become the hunted. For now, he’s doing the hunting and the Barclay Center will play the arena in which this gladiator will do battle. “Right now it’s October 20, Hassan [N’Dam N’Jikam], he’s the number one after him than we can say who else is going to be on the menu, cause everybody can be on the menu, even me, I’m on the menu for other guys.”


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