Prodesa Promotions: Building Champions One At A Time


    When you think of Latin American countries and sports, what is the first sport that comes to your mind? Well if you are reading this article, it is probably boxing but soccer or futbol is the biggest sport in the Latin America’s as well as baseball. Boxing is up in the top three and its popularity and growth is getting bigger.

    When you think of Nicaragua as a country the first thing that might come to your mind is arms or military and for good reason. The people of that country have a fighting spirit and I know that because my father in law was highly ranked in the Nicaraguan revolution.

    Prodesa Promotions, who is based in Managua, Nicaragua has harbored that fighting spirit and has built world champions, world class fighters, and put on amazing events. Since 2003 they have made it a priority to maintain a professional attitude and ethic and provide great talent and great management in their squad of fighters. Due to their outlook they have build a total of four world champions and it all started with Jose Alfaro who won his 135 pound title in 2007.

    In the following year Roman Gonzalez traveled to Japan and captured his 105 pound title in an amazing fourth round KO. He would capture his second title in a second division in 2010 with a second round KO to capture the 108 pound title, capturing the Super Championship belt at the same time.

    The third champion to emerge from Nicaragua was Juan Palacios who in 2011 won the WBA 105 pound championship in Mexico.

    The latest fighter to win a title (even though it is an interim title) is Carlos Buitrago who captured the WBO 105 pound title in Mexico on July 20th. Buitrago is one of the best fighters to come from Nicaragua and will be the future king of the country once Roman Gonzalez decides to retire.

    The two fighters know each other very well and have trained together several times. Their sparring sessions are brutal yet beautiful at the same time and provide as a learning experience for both of them. The two fighters are managed well by Silvio Conrado.

    Prodesa is making history for Nicaragua and for their fighters. Even though they are from a small country which has a small population they invest in their talent. Fighters are not treated as objects and are molded into outstanding citizens and even better, world champions.