Q & A: Amanda and Cindy Serrano


    Amanda and Cindy Serrano are the only current sisters in boxing today. Both have held multiple titles and are ranked by three major sanctioning bodies in boxing. Both are tremendous fighters who kick ass and look beautiful doing it. They even wouldn’t rule out fighting each other to make history.

    I recently had a chance to do some Q & A with the Serrano’s who are true ring warriors and was honored to have the opportunity.

    JG: Hello how is it going?

    Both: Hey you. We are fine thank you.

    JG: You two were originally scheduled to have fights this month; what happened there?

    Both: Yes we we’re scheduled to fight this week but with all the distraction from doing photo shoots for some upcoming magazines & our sponsors add campaign Drink 989 as well as video shoots & radio interviews, we weren’t training much. So our manager decided to move it to a later date.

    JG: Cindy who, when, and where will you fight next month? And for you Amanda?

    Cindy: Well I fight this coming month May 10th in DR where my promoters are from. Who? I never know cause opponents always get switched so I’m not sure but I’ll be fighting for my first World Title, The UBF a 10 rounder.

    Amanda: Myself, I’m scheduled for June in NY. Also never know my opponent (laughs).

    JG: Do you two train together? Sparring included? (If so how does it feel to train with each other?)

    Both: Yes, we do train together & spar all the time.

    Amanda: It’s not fun. Cindy is tough & real competitive as well as super experienced. My fights are way easier than my training with her & sparring (Laughing).

    Cindy: Well I don’t know about all that! I’m the one who gets hit the hardest. Amanda can crack. Her opponents are lucky they get to be out in a few rounds. I’m in there for 8 to 10 rounds at times. Ouch (Laughing).We love it though, two top girls helping each other every day.

    JG:  Some fighters prefer solitude and quiet during training, do you prefer solitude or does it suit you better to have others around?

    Both: No!! Being together forces us to never get an easy day. We compete on everything running lifting weights & of course sparring. Whoever takes a light day gets dogged (laughing)

    JG: What in your training are the keys to your success?

    Both: Consistency & competitiveness, we train like animals and compete everyday with each other. No slack. No games.

    JG: All trainers are different…does your trainer have any out of the ordinary workouts for you?

    Both: My trainer is psycho (laughing) Jordan is a natural street thug. He fights anyone anywhere! His take on this is being a fighter! Boxing is like a dance, anyone can learn it. How to move and throw punches but not every boxer can fight. Fighting is a warrior’s way.  We have to run like runners, lift weights like power lifters, and box like a real fighter. Most run for boxing, not with him everything is extreme; brutal every step of the way!

    JG: As professional fighters, what are the biggest challenges and obstacles for you?

    Both:  As pros the challenge is getting the good fights. People want top fights but pay peanuts. We both work and make good money but most of the girls fight for almost free. My manager will not let us fight for nothing. If it’s a regular fight ok, or a title fight, but just to fight for nothing he says, plays our sport down. Girls say they fight for the love then good do it! Men fight for finance and we are too smart to do it for any other reason as well. You can be a champ or number one on the ratings if you want. We can do that to but we rather be paid and be financially set. If it makes dollars, it makes sense.

    JG: Who are your biggest influences in boxing?

    Both: Our biggest influences are most definitely our fans. We look up to them for the loyalty & encouragement. This sport is rough, has its ups & downs, but our fans stay consistent win, lose, or draw they love you.

    JG: Women’s boxing does not get the recognition it deserves. There are many women fighters that can put on better shows then a lot of the men out there. What do you think is the reason for that?

    Both:  It’s a male dominated financial sport! If it doesn’t sell it’s not wanted. It takes money to put a show on as much as we give them if we don’t make them the money they aren’t going to show it. In the beginning we use to be like what the hell? Now we have a marketer and a publicist and we understand how it goes. It kind of makes sense. If it cost you 100 grand to throw a show, you would want to put fights that would sell tickets to get that & more. Yes, us women can give exciting fights for sure but truly not sure if we can sell what the top guys do. All in all we as women have to market ourselves first before we ask for what we can’t produce. We stopped complaining and are headed a different direction now.

    JG: Another top Puerto Rican fighter is fighting where I reside next month, Melissa Hernandez-Pacheco who fights in the featherweight division. Is there any interest in fighter her?

    Both: Melissa is awesome she is a true warrior, (PR) who fights for the love of the sport. It would be a great fight but again they will never give us what we are worth. If Melissa was a man she would be worth what a Mayweather or a Pacquiao fighter is worth. Unfortunately, we only get to give a good show and not be rewarded.

    JG:  In the male divisions you have the Klitschkos, who are the top in their division but do not wish to face each other. Would the two of you ever face each other in the ring?

    Both: (Laughing) we knew this one was coming! Well we joke about it all the time and  say hey if it makes money, what the hell?  but the reality is they would want it for almost free. We spar all the time for real so the issue isn’t would we its why would we?!The only reason it intrigues us is that it would be the first time a brother/brother or sister/sister would fight each other at a top level. Making history is intriguing!

    JG: I know you two are busy and I appreciate your time. Is there anything you would like to share with boxing fans?

    Both: We just want to thank them for giving us the opportunity to show the world that yes some of us can really fight like men. (Melissa Hernandez, Ava Knight, Jessica Bopp, Alicia Ashley, and some others have proven that without a doubt or Question).

    Thank you both and I would like to wish you both the best of luck in your futures.


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