Q and A With Edmonton Lightweight Women’s Prospect Vanessa Bradford


On May 31st in Edmonton, Alberta, hometown lightweight prospect Vanessa Bradford will make her ring return on the “Double Jeopardy” card after a two year layoff to heal from an injury. She will face off against another hometown girl, Brandy Badry. Bradford and Dadry have fought against each other in the amateurs and have had several sparring sessions. Will the fight between these two fighters who know each other so well be just another sparring session? No, says Bradford who is training hard for a knockout. Bradford took time out of her training schedule to do a Q and A with yours truly and is very eager for her upcoming fight.

Julio Garcia: Hi Vanessa how are you doing?

Vanessa Bradford: Hello Julio!! I am fantastic!

JG: You are in the early stages of your career, what is your goal to achieve by the year’s end?

VB: What I would like to achieve by year’s end is becoming the best skilled female fighter around at my weight. I would love to become Canadian Champ & represent my Country.

JG: Both you and your opponent are from Edmonton. How well do you know each other?

VB: We have fought amateur before and I have sparred many times before with her, so I know her very well.

JG:  What would you say is your best asset in the ring?

VB: My footwork and speed. I dance under those lights.

JG: Your debut was in early 2010. You fought once more that year and once again in 2011 but did not fight in 2012. What was the reason for the time off?

VB: I had to take time off due to a injury I sustained Summer of 2011. I wanted to make sure my injury healed 100% before i came back to boxing. Did my physio & everything I needed to do to be where I’m at now, which I feel stronger than ever!

JG: Did you train much during the time off?

VB: I trained lightly here and there as boxing doesn’t give you time off. I did what I could do.

JG: Do you feel the two year layoff will affect your performance in the ring on May 31st?

VB: I do not think this layoff affected me whatsoever, I train & give boxing 100% every time I step through those gym doors and like I said before I have never felt stronger & faster than I do now.

JG:  How is the preparation going for the event?

VB: I have been training for months now waiting for something, an opportunity to fight and especially in my hometown with all my family & friends. Training time for me is MY time, to focus, to think, to push myself to my limits and then push some more. I have the best team behind me and couldn’t be more excited to fight May 31st!

JG: Are you training with any of the other boxers that will be competing that night?

VB: No, but I know all of them from our boxing community and I can tell you right now it’s going to be a hell of a show!

JG: What does this fight mean to you?

VB: It means I finally get to get back in that ring I love so much and showcase what I was born to do.

JG: Where do you go career wise after the fight?

VB: I will let my Team focus on that for me, they are the best!

JG:  What has changed for you since turning professional?

VB: Getting use to wearing no headgear (laughing),  but honestly it has shown me how much more you can push yourself, mind & body; getting opportunities to train in world class gyms and working a lot with strength & conditioning coaches.

JG:  What changes would you like to have made?

VB: None. I’m happy at where I am at!

JG: What is your prediction for the fight, all four rounds or an early night for you?

VB: I’m training for a stoppage. I am hitting harder everyday and becoming faster than I thought I was so all I can say is hurry the hell up May 31st!

JG: Do you have a message for the fans?

VB: I just want to thank all my family, friends, and fans that continue to support my love for boxing, training, and fighting! Vicious is back and more ready than ever. Thanks Julio for this opportunity!