Ringside From San Antonio: Collazo Calls Out Keith Thurman


_MG_6616Luis Collazo (33-5, 17KOs) came into the ring against Alan Sanchez (12-2, 6KOs) looking very sharp in Round 1 staying tight and true to his defensive skills. He started to get off quick with his jab as the round progressed not allowing Sanchez to set and land shots of his own. Collazo continued to keep Sanchez back by pawing his jab at him to begin Round 2, setting up excellent body shots and then displaying his excellent footwork by moving away to slip Sanchez’ attempts to counter. As Collazo started Round 3, he continued to bring it straight forward to Sanchez and would take a slight step back which would make the counter shots from Sanchez miss. Even though Sanchez was the taller man in this fight, it took a lot of work for him to try and get inside Collazo.

By Round 7, Sanchez was pushing forward while Collazo continued to fight back. The technical boxing fan could appreciate this fight and the boxing intelligence each fighter was displaying throughout the rounds. They each were thinking about landing their punches very methodically, and were very skillful with their counter punches, footwork, and combinations.

Collazo continued to fight with tremendous heart throughout the entire fight and had Sanchez stunned momentarily by a left hook before the 10 second warning ended Round 8.

In the end, it was Collazo’s excellent display of footwork, stamina, and boxing intelligence that allowed him to win the fight by unanimous decision. Although Sanchez is a surging prospect in the Welterweight division, he couldn’t pull off the win he needed for his next big fight.

We were able to catch up with Luis Collazo for a post-fight interview where he calls out Keith “One Time” Thurman for the Welterweight interim WBA belt. “We can do it right here in San Antonio, TX”, says Collazo.  One phrase comes knocking at Keith Thurman’s door, “Don’t be ducking me, son!”

Is this a fight boxing fans want to see next for “One Time”?