Robert Garcia Picks Orlando Salido vs. Terdsak Kokietgym for Fight of the Year


    Robert-Garcia-IntthumbnailThe year 2014 has come and gone, and one of the major things in boxing when it comes to closing out the year, is picking who you thought had the best fight, round, knockout and picking a fighter who stood out amongst others to be named fighter of the year. One of the hot debates, is fight of the year. The fight of the year is always a fun one to sort through, as all candidates are fun fights that we looked back on and most certainly wont forget. They produce action for all 10-12 rounds and make or break a fighter. This year produced many wars that definitely made the list. Fights like John Molina vs. Lucas Matthysse, Robert Guerrero vs Yoshihiro Kamegai, an exciting Terrence Crawford against Yuriorkis Gamboa, and an unforgettable fight between Orlando Salido and Terdsak Kokietgym which saw both fighters hit the canvas multiple times.

    In situations like these, the boxing world likes to hear opinions from everywhere especially those involved in the business. In a recent interview done by Elie Sechbach, with well known trainer, Robert Garcia, ESNews asked who he thought had the fight of the year. “Salido got dropped like 5 times, thats a good one, and Molina vs. Matthysse, that was a good one. I think the Salido fight, the Salido fight was a good fight. You know I’m probably going to pick, since the Salido fight was in Mexico and on a Mexican channel. I’m going to pick the Molina vs. Matthysse fight.”

    Robert was then asked what he thought about John Molina against Omar Figueroa, now that Figueroa has said he will move up to the junior welterweight division, though the fight is not made nor in talks. Garcia gave ESNews his insights. “I guess Molina because he’s a good friend, he gives good fights so of course they’re going to pick him if the TV wants. The TV likes him.”