Rod Salka Gets A Taste Of Karma


    To boxing fans the name Rod Salka is a punch line his name is synonymous with countless jokes and meme throughout the boxing world. Ever since his fight with Danny Garcia, Salka has been used as the butt of many jokes with many referring to him as the number one pound-for-pound fighter in the world. Needless to say, he is more known for being a joke then for his actual fighting career. After his fight with Francisco Vargas, Salka will be now viewed as either a racist or a bastard in the eyes of many boxing fans.


    At the top of Salka’s boxing shorts were the words “America First” which wouldn’t be so bad or viewed as racist had those words had not have been associated with Donald Trump. In addition to the words on his trunks, there was a brick pattern on the shorts which simulates building a wall between the United States and Mexico. this is something that pisses off more than just Mexican boxing fans, it pisses off people of all different races because boxing is not a one race sport.

    There are enough politics involved in boxing that there is no need to bring other politics into the sport. One’s political view can change how you are received in the boxing world. Salka got a taste of karma for his racist trunks when Vargas legally came across the border and got paid to whip his ass. It was sweet to see and one thing is for sure, Salka will be remembered for this very moment in his career and nothing more besides being a punching bag for Francisco Vargas and Danny Garcia.