Roman Gonzalez Hopes A Fight Can Take Place With Reveco In April, Then Unify Against Estrada


    Roman Gonzalez has been in search of a fight with Juan Carlos Reveco for most of the year and it seemed like there was a great possibility the two were going to face off in the early months of 2014.

    Both fighters are scheduled to fight in February but Reveco decided to take a less risky fight against Ricardo Nuñez of Panama.

    This does not mark the first time that Reveco has passed up an opportunity to take on Gonzalez and it does not annoy Gonzalez as much as it used to. All he can do is sit back and wait.

    Gonzalez does hope that Reveco wins his upcoming fight and that a fight between them can come to terms for April and is willing to fight Reveco wherever Reveco wishes and should he win, he plans on fighting a title unification bout against the man he won a close decision over a year ago, Juan Francisco Estrada.

    “It will be a good fight,” said Gonzalez. “I hope Reveco wins and that he will give me the opportunity to fight with him. I wish him and his team the best and hopefully I can fight him in around April wherever he wants to fight at. That is my dream and then to unify titles with “El Gallo” Estrada which is a fight that is highly anticipated by the people.”