Roman Gonzalez’ Opponent Still A Mystery, Will Prepare Him For Akira Yaegashi


    While Roman Gonzalez next fight is just over a month away his opponent is still a mystery to him. Gonzalez’ handlers currently have five or six fighters lined up as a possible opponent but are narrowing it down to a fighter to prepare Gonzalez for a title bout against Akira Yaegashi but Gonzalez manager, Silvio Conrado is not in a rush to make the decision.

    “In total there are five or six fighters who are waiting but we are in search of the perfect fighter that has a similar style to Akira Yaegashi and to prepare him for a world title fight,” said Silvio Conrado.

    There are a total of two Asian fighters who may get the opportunity to face Gonzalez as well as Pablo Carillo of Colombia Ricardo Nuñez of Panama.