Rosado Says Its All or Nothing Against Quillin


In his last time out “King” Gabriel Rosado was entangled in a web of controversy against undefeated J’Leon Love. May fans and media had the fight in favor for Rosado but two of the judges awarded Love the split decision victory. Then following the bout, reports came out that Love test positive for a banned diuretic and the decisions was later changed to a no contest. On October 26th, Rosado will get his chance to once again challenge for a world title when he takes on the WBO Middleweight Champion Peter “Kid Chocolate” Quillin.

Rosado is a fighter who has had careers ups and downs. With each loss Rosado has grown as a fighter and coming in to a fight that could be the biggest thus far in his career, he is ready. “I just have a different approach to this fight and my mindset is at a place that I don’t think it’s ever been in my whole career. I’m growing up, being smarter, and I just have a whole different mentality going into this fight, and I feel like this fight is all or nothing and I’m willing to go through hell to win that title on the 26th like literally. I’m willing to go through whatever it takes to win that belt,” stated Rosado.

The fight will be on the undercard of Bernard Hopkins vs. Karo Murat at the Boardwalk Hall in Atlantic City. Rosado and Hopkins both being from Philly, have trained with each other in the past. Rosado considers Hopkins one of his mentors. With an opportunity to fight in the co-feature of the night before Hopkins enters the ring, Rosado is excited about the chance and never thought that this opportunity would happen. Rosado stated, “I remember when Bernard fought Calzaghe, that’s when I first started being around Bernard, and at that time they were calling him old, and so I thought by the time I get there to that level Bernard will be retired. The fact that he’s still fighting at the age of 48 and he’s a world champion is amazing. I don’t think that will ever be done again. So, you know, the fact that I’m opening up with “Kid” and Bernard is the main event is just something special. Bernard has definitely been a big influence in my career. He’s taught me a lot and I think my different approach to my career, the approach I’m taking now has a lot to do with what Bernard has taught me mentally and how to live your life outside of the ring, and I take those things to heart because he’s a great champion. It means a lot being on the same card with Bernard Hopkins.”

In January Rosado lost a fight against the current WBA champion Gennedy Golovkin. Although he showed heart and determination in that fight, it was not enough to stop the onslaught. In a sport that is constantly asking the question “what have you done for me lately”, Rosado understands the politics this fight brings. He understands that his record is not glamorous, and he knows that another loss could be the end of his career and that this fight with Quillin is a must win. “You can look at the record and you see the six losses and at this point that’s history. That happened already, but I think it says a lot of the fact that I’ve been through all that adversity. The fact that I’m still here and I’m still relevant it speaks volumes because not too many fighters had loses and are still relevant and the fans going to see them. A lot of guys would have quit, and they wouldn’t have taken the road that I took. I mean so it just shows that I have the heart and the desire to be a champion, and I think with all the experience and everything that I’ve been through is going to prepare me for this fight mentally and physically and everything that I have to do.”

Rosado started his career as a Junior Middleweight, and has since moved up to be a true Middleweight. Quillin could come into the fight with more power as he will most likely be the bigger man in weight that night. Rosado feels that his advantage in the fight will not come in the form of power but in his boxing IQ and speed. “You know I think when it comes to technique I think I flow better with my punches. I think “Kid” is a strong puncher. He’s a raw guy, but I think at the end of the day this fight is going to come down to who is the smarter fighter and who has better skills. I think “Kid” has the will to win and I’ve got the will to win and that’s just going to make it such an action packed fight, but at the end of the day the smarter guy is going to win the fight.”

If you take a look at each fighter’s record, you could argue that Rosado has fought the tougher opposition. Even with the losses Rosado has, many feel that he will be Quillin’s biggest test to date. Rosado doesn’t take anything away from the wins that Quillin has but understands why his records would be put under scrutiny, Rosado stated, “He’s a world champion, right, but as far as names I feel like I’ve fought better names. He fought ‘Winky’ Wright and ‘Winky’ was a great champion, but ‘Winky’ Wright came out of retirement. He wasn’t the ‘Winky’ Wright of old. Guerrero beat me and he beat Guerrero but that fight was-I mean Guerrero was almost was about five years ago so it really doesn’t matter. But I think at the end of the day it really doesn’t matter. Kid is going to come and bring his A game and I’m going to bring my A game and the best man is going to win.”

After losing his first shot at a world title against Golovkin, Rosado will get his chance at redemption to capture a title. Rosado was stopped in the seventh round but he feels that he has learned from the loss and is more focused than he has ever been. “Yeah. I’m a lot more focused. I’ve changed some things in my lifestyle that weren’t healthy. I’m a young dude. I’m single. I was probably partying a little too much. I was probably taking it to the head. Sometimes you know you’re on TV and you have some money, people know you and you kind of lose track and I’m man enough to admit that. But at this point I’ve sat down and I’ve had that talk with myself where it’s like, “Oh, God, it’s all or nothing,” like “You either want to be an entertaining fighter or you want to be a world champion.” I had that talk with myself that it’s time to be a world champion so I’m doing whatever I have to do to fulfill that dream.”