Ryan Wagner Plans For A Big, Busy 2016

Ryan WagnerRyan “The Nightmare” Wagner (6-3, 3 KO’s) has faced some of Canada’s best around the welterweight division. He has fought against the likes of Sam Vargas, Steve Claggett, Stuart McLellan and Yves Ulysses, and even though he was not always victorious he made his mark. In December of 2015, Wagner not only made a mark but he made a statement when he went up to middleweight to take on, knock out and give the first loss to Edmonton’s Cody Ríes in what Wagner described as a decent performance.
“I feel I performed pretty decent,” Wagner told Tha Boxing Voice. “I came in a little out of shape and knowing that I did what I had to do and make sure I didn’t tire. Overall I’m happy with the fight. I was outta shape so the defence and the timing weren’t totally there [but] that’ll be different in my next outing.”
With the type of performance Wagner had you would expect him to get back in the ring as soon as possible but an injury currently has him sidelined. Wagner is not the type of fighter to being one to call out opponents but he does have a couple fights on his radar that he feels would benefit him and push him to a possible Canadian title fight this year.
“My hand is currently broken so I’ll be making sure that fully heals, but I’ll be right in the gym asap. I’m not the type to call people out. I fight everyone but the next 0 I wouldn’t mind taking would be against Brandon Brewer or Kevin Higson. I want a Canadian title, I really like Higson as a person but would love that title.
[In 2016 I will hopefully have] a few more fights, a few more wins, hopefully, a Canadian title shot.”