Sam Watson Says if May-Pac is Good Then They’ll Do the Rematch


Sam Watson Fight week is upon us, and the big question is who will win between Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Manny Pacquiao? Well, some people think they already have it figured out. While some have Floyd winning, and others see Manny victorious on May 2nd in Vegas, the conspiracy theorists believe that the stage is being set for a second fight, regardless of what transpires.

The possibility of a second fight is definitely something to consider, after all, there is a great deal of money to be made in two fights. Regardless of how the first fight turns out a rematch would be significantly richer than any other opponent either fighter could face by comparisons.

The very idea of a guaranteed sequel in the fall makes people automatically assume foul play, but if the fight is closely fought and competitively entertaining then it will be a no-brainer.

Sam Watson, a close confident of both The Money Team and Al Haymon, believes that Mayweather will be facing the best Pacquiao possible. Despite the opinions of those who believe that Floyd systematically chose to fight Manny now because of the presumption that he is more vulnerable than ever.

Watson told HoopJab’s Neal Johnson that he expects a competitive version of Pacquiao, even though he is picking Floyd to win.

“It’s gonna be a great fight. Pacquiao was whooping on Marquez when he got knocked out,” Watson told HoopJab in an interview posted on their YouTube channel. “Pacquiao ain’t no punk, ain’t never been no punk, and ain’t gonna be no punk. Floyd is gonna be stronger, bigger, faster, but Pacquiao is really quick. Pacquiao gonna keep coming at Floyd, he gonna hit Floyd, too, but Floyd know the dude and he gonna change it around about the 3rd or 4th round and take him on through to the 7th or 8th round and knock him down. Floyd is a knockout artist, knockdown artist, and he knows how to beat you up.”

Of course, the idea of a rematch is contingent on how much longer both fighters will continue to fight after May 2nd. Bob Arum told a couple weeks ago that Pacquiao will indeed fight again this year, sometime in November. However, there is no telling what Floyd will do, although he is contractually obligated to give ShowTime one more fight after May 2nd.

Watson believes that both fighters will continue to fight and that a competitive fight almost ensures us of a rematch, but he admits that Mayweather is likely to enjoy some time for himself with an undetermined layoff.

“Yeah, they’re both going to fight [again]. They’ll probably fight [again], if it’s [a] good [fight] they’ll fight [each other] again. If Floyd’s gonna fight again Floyd will take a long layoff, he loves to fight.”