Sanchez Doesn’t See Golovkin-Murray Going Past Five


Gennady Golovkin“Gennady’s doing very well mentally and physically. We’re at the tail end of our sparring. Training camp for fighters like Golovkin is getting monotonous, so he’s ready to get in the ring. I think we leave on the 15th to Monte Carlo.”

Those were the words of the very confident coach of Gennady Golovkin, Abel Sanchez, who is preparing his fighter for his clash with Martin Murray on February 21st in Monte Carlo. As far as preparations go, Sanchez has stuck to the same philosophy, just worry about his fighter.

“I’ve always been the kind of coach that I worry about my guys and I don’t worry about the other guy,” Sanchez told “We’re going to impose our will no matter what they decide they want to do. We’re going to go out and be how we are and let them adapt to us.”

Sanchez feels Murray’s size will pose somewhat of a challenge but in the end Golovkin should KO his opponent.

“He’s a big middleweight height wise and by the time fight time comes, he’s going to be bigger than Gennady. These kinds of fights are preparation when we fight the so-called elite fighters, “explained Sanchez. “But we expect dramatics. He’s going to go out and chop this guy down, and I honestly don’t see it going past 5 rounds. If he comes out and fights, it may be shorter. But if he goes into his shell it might take 5 rounds. “

While he feels his opposition won’t go past 5 rounds, Sanchez does consider Murray an uncrowned champion.

“We think he’s an uncrowned champion,” stated Sanchez. “He beat (Felix) Sturm in Germany, and we think he beat (Sergio) Martinez in Argentina. He’s the next one in line. If we get the credit great, if not we’ll move onto the next one.”

Credit wise, the question was posed to Sanchez if Golovkin is content not getting the big fights that he feels he deserved. Sanchez responded by saying, “I’m not going to say he’s content with the landscape, but he needs motivation. As long as you keep putting guys with credentials, then he’s motivated. He wasn’t motivated for Adama. And I think you saw it even though he won the fight. He wants a challenge. But he wants to stay sharp, and he knows to get the elite guys he has to be sharp.