Sharif “The Lion” Bogere Ready To Take Care Of Business Against Richard Abril


The next fight for hot prospect Sharif Bogere looks like it will be Richard Abril in the lightweight division, probably for an obscure title. That shouldn’t damper anyone’s thought on the fight and it certainly doesn’t take anything away from “The Lion” Bogere. Bogere has been an exciting fighter for the last few years; he has had some solid performances and fought some fairly tough opposition, although no fight to this point will have meant more than the Abril fight for Bogere.

“Right now we’re just waiting to hear from Golden Boy, but it looks like the fight might be extended to November, but nothings confirmed yet. As for the fight, this is what I’ve been waiting for since I was a little baby. If the chance shows up, I have to use it right,” Bogere told

Bogere is an exceptional confident individual, very animated. He regards Abril as a highly qualified opponent, even if Abril’s claim to fame is a highly controversial loss to Brandon Rios in a fight that took place back in April of this year.

“I’m the lion; you know what the lion does? The lion comes to the ring and takes care of business because he is hungry. As far as Richard Abril, I saw the fight [between him and Rios] live. Every fighter has a chance [in the ring] and my style is different from Brandon Rios. I think Richard Abril fights different from [the way he fought that night], Brandon Rios made [Abril] fight the way he fought [that night] because Rios is stronger and I don’t think Abril wanted to get caught with that kind of power.

“I have a different style than Brandon Rios, the way I will fight Richard Abril will be different from that of Rios,” Bogere said.

If you’ve never seen Bogere fight than you best get familiar because he possesses a high skill level that matches a very athletic set of attributes. If you have seen Bogere fight before, then chances are you never forgot his entrance.

Bogere comes in the ring in a very unique manner and in a way that correlates with his nickname, “The Lion.” With live music being played, Bogere is carried to the ring in a cage carried by 4 rather muscular men; Bogere himself is dressed in a ceremonial looking lion head. It was actually Bogere’s manager, Jimmy Alex, who came up with the theatrical entrance.

“Sharif’s a nice kid, but when he goes into the ring he takes care of business like a lion. He’s so different when he’s around people, but when he’s in the ring- watch out. I thought I should do something different for this kid coming from Uganda.

“Sharif loves animals and so I bought the lion and then I built up the cage. I built the cage in my garage, Sharif came in and I said ‘Sharif stay in [the cage] so I can measure. I built it out of PVC pipe and I painted it to look metal. The guys carry the cages to the live music, it’s a good show,” Alex told

Sharif added that there is nothing wrong with bringing some flavor to certain aspects of the game and said other fighters could go a long way if they themselves adopted a unique style of their own.

“I think people in boxing need to spice it up a little bit. Everyone comes in the same way, we spice it up. We bring a little more excitement,” Bogere said.

Sharif is a very playful individual and an extremely likeable guy, not to mention that his in-ring abilities are more than attractive as well. However, not every aspect of Sharif is happy-go-lucky. He comes from the poverty stricken country of Uganda and boxing has helped him escape the misfortunes of his homeland. Still, Bogere does have family in the country and his rough background has to be what fuels his desires, not to mention the fact that when you’ve seen the cruelest aspect the world has to offer, the man standing in the other corner doesn’t seem so tough anymore.

“I lost a lot of my family members, back there in [Uganda] they get a lot of diseases for example Ebola, and people die from [things like that]. I got my Mother there and some younger siblings.”

Sharif isn’t just fueled by a desire for personal fortune; he has bigger plans that consist of going back to his home country and helping those not blessed with his fancy footwork and a sharp right-hand.

“I pray that one day I can make it to the top and that’s one of my future plans to go back there and help some people. Maybe build some wells for them, they lack water there, there’re some places where people don’t even have clear water. I used to go to places back home and the water was like mud, that’s the kind of water some of the people have there,” Bogere said.

I believe there is something special about Bogere, combine his skills with his flamboyance plus his charismatic nature and throw all that on top of an amazing back story and you have the makings of a future star. Bogere is as confidant as any that his time at the top is inevitable.

“I’m the lion, I’ve grown into the sport and I’ve grown confidence and nothing can stop me if I train right. I don’t think anyone can stop me in the ring, that’s the honest truth.”



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