Shawn will wait for Thurman fight, but Ken has a plan to combat the inactivity


Shawn Porter- Keith ThurmanThere were many people depending on the March 12th card featuring a welterweight title bout between Keith Thurman and Shawn Porter. That was before the WBA champion, Thurman, was forced to pull out due to injuries incurred in a car accident. The fight was officially postponed and no new date has been announced as of yet.


The truth is without this fight the PBC schedule is very weak in the first half of the year. The fans are obviously disappointed. But nobody is more disappointed than the fighters themselves.


Both Thurman and Porter were obviously looking forward to the fight and both were affected in their own way, but you have to really feel for Porter, especially.


It has been nearly 9 months since Porter has fought, and it will be at least 10 months, if not more, before he fights again. The worst part is that Porter had every intention of fighting at the end of last year but opted to wait for the much more significant opponent in Thurman. Now, his decision to wait could have an adverse effect on his fight night performance.


In a recent interview with Ken Porter, Thaboxingvoice’s Fernando Pimentel was able to gauge where the father-son team is at following the disappointing news that Thurman will be out of training for up to six weeks.


“It’s a disappointment, but just like anything else you have to deal with it. You got to roll with these punches. It’s boxing, these things happen so we got to take his word for it and, hopefully, we’ll hear something back real soon that it’s going to be rescheduled,” Ken Porter said.


The risk of training for a fight as it gets cancelled is that it could be detrimental to getting the body to peak at just the right time. However, Ken says that they avoided any risk with the cancelation coming soon enough to avoid overworking. Besides, Ken assured TBV that the worry of “overtraining” is merely a myth.


“We never over train, but that would’ve been a problem if we [would have done] those two weeks in Big Bear. That would’ve become a problem because we would’ve cranked up our work and worked really hard right there, but it’s just like anything else in life—overtraining is a myth.”


As far as the unplanned layoff, Ken has an idea of how to combat any of the risks that come with not fighting. However, he would only respond by saying, “I got something planned.”


When asked to elaborate, Ken said he couldn’t, but he did send a personal VIP to TBV’s Pimentel. Regardless of what Ken and Shawn have planned, he did confirm that Shawn’s next official fight will be against Thurman, “we have a plan, but no, Keith Thurman is going to be the fight.”