Spotlight: Amisael Jimenez- Heavyweight Prospect Representing both Mexico and Puerto Rico Roots


Spotlight: Amisael Jimenez (Heavyweight)

One of the more interesting prospects out there has to be Amisael Jimenez, who fights September 17th at the Fairgrounds Arena in Nashville, Tennessee—the state Amisael calls home. Ties to both Mexican and Puerto Rican culture, rooted in each of his parents’ backgrounds, respectably.

With a current record of 3-0 and with all three victories ending in a stoppage, Jimenez’s story begins like many of the greats before him.

After being bullied at an early age, and after several fights at school, Amisael’s parents took him to a local boxing show so that he could get a sense of what real fighters went through. It took only minutes for Amisael to fall in love with the sport, and he would end up dropping two kids on his very first day at the gym.

Despite trying soccer, track, baseball, and even excelling at football, the writing was on the wall with boxing -and his father knew it just as well.

Amisael has been a high-level athlete since childhood, routinely making All-Stars in every sport he tried. In high school, he helped take the school’s team to State, a feat that had never been accomplished before that year.

Still, it was boxing that he loved above all else and he excelled at it in a way that was different than the other sports. The choice was made to focus on boxing. Amisael would end up turning pro in the Spring of 2021.

It was the right choice for him and the family. In fact, it has become a family business, so to speak, with his baby sister, Elena, who at age 16 is a world-traveled Mariachi singer, entertaining crowds all over the world. She can sing both the Mexican and Puerto Rican national anthems. It is a dream of the family that his sister sings the national anthems at Amisael’s first big fight.

Family is a big part of Amisael’s life, and boxing plays a huge role within the family. Not only does his family come to all his fights, but their cheers easily drown out all others. And Amisael honors his family in all his fights by representing both the Mexican heritage from his mother’s side and the Puerto Rican roots of his father’s side.

His sister, Valerie Jimenez, who boxed herself for a bit, would go on to marry Sonny Conto, the undefeated heavyweight prospect who fights under the Top Rank banner, making the two heavyweight prospects brothers-in-law.

He works at his father’s company part-time, but his father, Celio Jimenez is also his trainer, and he makes sure Amisael gets his training in for the day.

And with Abraham Morones as his manager, an eager and smart individual who is very driven in his role as the Jimenez’s confidant, Amisael has established a winning team.

With September 17th right around the corner, the camp hopes to get another two fights between then and the end of the year. The combination of speed and power is impressive, but his ability to connect hard on every punch, regardless of where it lands, is what you notice. The thudding sounds fill up the venue and that is when you know Amisael is in the ring.

He uses his lower half in all of his power punches and he is anti-bully, what’s not to like about the 22-year-old kid? He is still quite some time away from becoming a title challenger, but it is not hard to like Amisael with his million-dollar smile and charm.