Steve Cunningham On Fury, “The guy is 6’9, he should be undefeated with the guys he has fought.”


    Tha Boxing Voice caught up with Steve Cunningham at a recent press conference for his upcoming fight with Tyson Fury. He is coming off a controversial loss to Tomaz Adamek. Cunningham doesn’t feel like he has to prove that he won that fight stating, “I mean truthfully the public already watched that fight. I don’t have to prove it. It’s been shown, the only two who didn’t believe are those 2 judges, who may have been on the take. I don’t know what’s up. I don’t have to prove anything from the Adamek fight, that’s done.  This is a new fight, new opponent and a new mission.” Personally I had Cunningham winning the fight with Adamek but bad decisions happen in boxing and always will.

    One thing people know now about Tyson Fury, is that he likes to talk. Cunningham claims he is the opposite.That’s who he is, that’s his character. “He talks, he talks, he talks. I think he just talks to get himself up. I mean the guy is 6’9, he should be undefeated with the guys he has fought. It’s gonna take someone like me; skilled, intelligent, in shape, willing to tough it out to beat this guy. He does a good Ali impersonation, a lot of guys think they have to talk, talk, talk to sell tickets. I come from a era were the code is you don’t talk. You know, real tough guys don’t talk. I’m not saying I’m a tough guy but I’m a hard worker, I’m a fighter I don’t want to talk. I’m mad cause I’m here today. I’m missing a day of training.  I’m gonna go home and run or swim or something. Press conferences are for the talkers let him have his show. My show will be on April 20th.

    Tyson Fury is currently training in Canada, due to the fight being in New York. Cunningham let us in on some of his and Naazim Richardson’s plans for Fury saying, “Like Naazim says train for the best Tyson Fury, train for the best Tomaz Adamek, who ever you are fighting. One thing we noticed when I fight guys and we look at the tapes, they look a little sluggish but when they get in the ring they look a little sharper, a little stronger. Because they know they are going up against a formidable foe. They know they better come on point. He is going to come on point I’m sure of it. We are prepared for that, we got great sparring.  We’ve gone through hard work, I’m prepared for whatever he brings. Listen the main thing is, this guy is winning fights because he is big. He leans on guys, he lays on them, he is massive that’s how he wins. When you take away his advantage what do you have? And that’s what we will see April 20th.
    Both guys seem ready and we will find out who wants it more on one of boxing grandest stages, Madison Square Garden on April 20th. Follow me on twitter @lucasbiggers213 as I tweet live on the fights.