Sunny Edwards believes Andrade will do whatever it takes to avoid Liam Williams


    The enigma that is Demetrius Andrade and his fight situation can be very frustrating. Andrade seems to be one of the most avoided fighters in his division with all champions looking elsewhere to fight. 

    Andrade’s mandatory Liam Williams has been campaigning for his opportunity for his shot at the title. So far he’s gone virtually unacknowledged by Andrade. 

    Andrade stated he may retire if he doesn’t get any of the other champions but at the same time has no plans to vacate the title. 

    Sunny Edwards believes that Andrade will do whatever it takes to avoid fighting Williams.

    “I feel like Andrade has done everything in his power not to fight Williams,” Tweeted Edwards. “Wouldn’t be surprised if last min he moves weight or some nonsense.”