Taylor vs Serrano: The Super Bowl of Women’s Boxing


    Boxing has had it’s share of ups and downs aver the last few decades. Once considered to be a dying sport (by people that had no interest in it whatsoever) now and has had several major blockbuster events. This Saturday is one of those times for the women’s divisions.

    The highly anticipated scrap between Ireland’s Katie Taylor and Puerto Rico’s Amanda Serrano is what women’s boxing has needed for a long time and will set the precedence for the future of women’s boxing. To quote Paul Haymon of ECW, “this is the dance.”

    To understand why this is such an important event let’s take a look at the fighters.

    Taylor won five consecutive gold medals at the Women’s World Championships, gold six times at the European Championships, and gold five times at the European Union Championships. To top all of that off she won the Olympic Gold Medal at the 2016 summer Olympics. The credentials are there and her success has carried on.

    As a professional, Taylor has won championships in two divisions and is the current undisputed champion in the lightweight division and holds an undefeated record of 20-0.

    Serrano has beat so many names in so many divisions throughout her thirteen year career. She embodies the term pound for pound and she literally jumps from weight class to weight class, kicking ass and collecting belts. People always talk about the feat Manny Pacquiao has with championship belts in eight divisions but forget to mention that when you look at the women’s side of the sport Serrano is doing the same thing and as of no is showing no signs of slowing down.

    Serrano has only lost once in her career back in 2012. Since then she has been steamrolling over her opponents winning most of her fights by stoppage. In a total of 44 fights Serrano has 30 knockouts.

    In this matchup we are getting two of the best (an arguement could be made that they are the best) women in the world squaring off. We have speed and technique from Taylor coming up against relentlessness and power from Serrano and there is a lot of gold on the line.

    As boxing fans we want to see the best fight the best and that is exactly what we are getting here and if this fight delivers in real life as it does on paper it will pave the path for women’s boxing for ages!