TBV Writing Staff’s Upset of the Year: Fury over Klitschko


wladimir-klitschko-fury-tyson-fury-rematch_3384176In the year of 2015, where several upsets occurred, there was only one logical choice for “Upset of the Year.” Tyson Fury defeating Wladimir Klitschko by unanimous decision was the choice of TBV’s writing staff for “Upset of the Year.”


Fury beat the man who had not been defeated in nearly a decade, and who had never lost on the scorecards in his career. The fight will be remembered for being a snoozer without much action at all, but the head movement and boxing ability that Fury displayed that day was impressive to say the least especially for a man of his size.


Fury did lose a point in the 11th round for hitting behind the head of the Ukrainian, but that did not affect the outcome of the fight, as Fury won on the cards easily. He also landed the most notable punch of the fight, a left hook that caught Wlad as he was turning around.


Fury did only land 86 punches, but it was far superior to Wladimir’s punch count and was more than enough to make him the heavyweight champion of the world. Fury and Wladimir will rematch sometime in the spring most likely in the UK now that Fury is the champ. One can only hope that the rematch will be far more entertaining than the first meeting.



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