The Only Chink In Mayweather’s Armor


    Every fighters style is created from 2 things, their strengths and their weaknesses. If you are a power puncher, you may have little to no defense because your best defense would be your offense. If you have a glaring weakness, for example a weak chin, you are a more defensive fighter. When I look at Floyd Mayweather’s style, I see only one flaw and he covers it so well that its as if he has no weakness at all. I’m talking about his chin. Mayweather takes no unnecessary risks, is always on the defensive and its extremely hard to crack that defensive shield of his.

    When he fought Sugar Shane Mosley he was caught on the chin flush and held on for dear life. After that Mosley didn’t touch him. So what am I saying with all this? In layman’s terms, it will take a power puncher to beat Mayweather. He simply can’t be outboxed. You maybe able to volume punch him but you will eat counters all night if you try.

    On September 14th Mayweather will face Saul “Canelo” Alvarez, who does have some power but is not necessarily known for it. What gives him the power advantage against Mayweather? Well more than anything, chances are Canelo will out weigh him by close to 20 pounds on fight night. 20 pounds will definitely give him more force behind his punches, but it will also make him much slower.

    If Canelo can cut off the ring efficiently and land some big shots, then he has a chance of pulling off the huge upset. There’s a heavy handed hitter on the undercard as well. He has hurt every fighter he has fought up to this point and of course, I’m talking about Lucas Matthysse.

    Lucas Matthysse could be a undefeated fighter. His only 2 losses were highly debated and came at the hands of Devon Alexander and Zab Judah. Most feel Matthysse did enough to beat Judah and that Alexander was given the fight due to it being in his hometown of St. Louis. Nowadays Matthysse doesn’t let it go to the scorecards and this is a reason I feel Matthysse probably has the best shot at beating Mayweather. You can’t outbox him Mayweather, your best bet is to out power him. Matthysse has deceptive power in both hands.

    Even if Mayweather blocks some of these punches they will still hurt him and maybe wear him down enough to allow him to land a more flush shot. Don’t get me wrong, I would still favor Mayweather but I think Matthysse definitely has the best chance to beat him. Will we even see that fight? No one knows, but if Matthysse knocks out Garcia on September 14th, the boxing fans world wide will be begging for Mayweather vs Maythysse.

    While I’m skeptical if this fight happens, I can’t help but be excited for “The One” pay per view. Who ever said boxing is dead was sadly mistaken. Thank you for reading and being a fan of the sweet science.