Tom Loeffler And Abel Sanchez Respond To Rosado’s Claim On Suspect Gloves


    Gabriel Rosado is known for speaking out when he gets screwed over and has done so yet again for what is a what if case for his fight earlier this year with Gennady Golovkin.

    Rosado has stated that Golovkin’s gloves seemed to have less padding around the knuckles and he took a tremendous amount of punishment due to the lack of padding.

    Tom Loeffler of K2 Promotions who promotes Golovkin has responded to Rosado’s claims saying that Rosado was offered the same pair of gloves and the commission had approved the gloves.

    “That’s absolutely not true,” said Loeffler. “They’re not thinner across the knuckles. Floyd Mayweather uses the same gloves that Gennady uses and Floyd hasn’t knocked someone out in a while so it’s not the gloves it’s the person’s power inside of the gloves. Grant sends those same gloves to Floyd Mayweather, and I’m not knocking Floyd by saying that. Floyd’s out-boxing people but just because you wear custom colored gloves doesn’t mean that you’ll start knocking people out or start cutting people or whatever the case is. They were complaining, and Abel said ‘you can use a second pair,’ and his trainer Billy Briscoe said, ‘no we’ll use these.'”

    Golovkin’s trainer Abel Sanchez spoke out about Rosado’s team complaining about the gloves and being offered Golovkin’s second set of gloves that were identical to Golovkin’s.

    “Billy Briscoe was there. His coach and he had a couple of people with him. So we were having a rules meeting, and we were getting ready to try the gloves on and they said Gabriel’s gloves were also Grants. We started trying them on and Billy made a comment about the difference so I said they’re both Grants, they’re both 10 ounces and Melvina looked at them, the supervisor looked at them and they gave them the okay. So there was no issue. So I said with Melvina present and the supervisor present, ‘you’re welcome to use our second set.’ So they were welcome to use our second pair because we had brought two pairs and they had brought two pairs also. So Billy went through a 10-to-15-minute try-on session with the gloves, and then decides that he didn’t want to use our gloves. They would have absolutely been able to use a pair of gloves that were identical to ours.”