Tyron Woodley Says He Is Getting Rid Of Jake Paul For The MMA & Boxing Community


    Raise your hand if you want to see not just the Paul brothers but other non-boxers out of competing in the ring on non-celebrity boxing shows. Chances are 6 out of 10 raised their hand. The four that did not are fans of those entities and followed them over to boxing.

    The attention the sport is getting is great it is coming at a cost. Boxing and MMA are two different sides to combat sports. While fans are divided (which I used to be) there are many of the athletes that interact with each other. There is overall respect shared by the two sides. Yes, there are things each side hates about the other but you can’t have the good without the bad.

    Jake Paul has been acting like he is the greatest thing since sliced bread with his victories in the ring. He has fought people that are not boxers and one MMA fighter who came off hip surgery and was not a puncher to begin with. His latest opponent Tyron Woodley can punch but has lost four of his last four fights and got cut from the UFC. Woodley is still a dangerous opponent but Paul may think it is the easiest option (he does have a rematch clause though if he loses).

    Woodley was in attendance to support Ben Askren when Askren fought Paul. Things were tense in the locker room between Woodley and Paul’s camp. You would have figured Woodley and J’Leon Love would have fought each other because Love was the one pushing buttons the most but it ended up being Woodley vs Paul.

    This fight will be the biggest payday Woodley will have received in his entire fighting career. Woodley believes he will be doing both the boxing and MMA community a good deed in getting rid of the Youtuber.

    “Easiest fight of my career and biggest purse of my career all in one night,” stated Woodley. “Basically they brought me in to take out the trash. I can’t wait to shut this bitch up. This is getting done for the culture, the whole MMA community and boxing community to rid this guy of combat sports.”