Tyson Fury On a Klitschko B*tch Hunt, Calls Vitali A Pensioner


    When Tyson Fury makes his American Debut on April 20th, he’ll be looking to put on an impressive performance. He’ll be looking to bring back excitement to the heavyweight division as he feels it’s been sorely lacking at the top by the kingdom known as Klitschko. He intends to display his excitement and says he will go out at all costs to lure Wladimir Klitschko into a fight. Tyson was a guest of ThaBoxingVoice Radio where he had choice words of both the brothers.

    On Fighting a Klitschko:

    “I’ll fight the Klitschkos anywhere. You know what, I’m not interested in the Klitschkos; I don’t even want to hear their name. They’re boring stiff bums. I’m sick to death of hearing about those robot 1-2 jacks. They don’t want to fight. They’re just fighting idiots who can’t fight. I’m willing to fight them anyplace, anywhere, but let’s face facts they’re not exciting, they rather jab a man to sleep than knock him out. The grab and jab tactics and run away are killing the heavyweight division.”

    On certain aspects of the Klitschkos that bother him:

    “You have a pensioner in Vitali holding the WBC for ransom fighting whoever he pleases. Then you have this other idiot, Wladimir fighting stiffs like Maruiz Wach and Francesco Pianeta just because they have undefeated records. I was beating guys like Francesco Pianeta early in my career. He’s 37 and he doesn’t have the biggest believe in himself so why be in a sport if you’re not going to test yourself. Maybe he was a good man 10 year ago, but he’s finished now.”

    On how he will get a fight with Wladimir:

    “I will prove that when Wladimir gets in the ring with me, he won’t get in the ring with my voluntary so I got to be his mandatory. The only way I’m going to do that is by beating (Steve) Cunningham, than beat (Kubret) Pulev than beat Wladimir. Forget the Klitschkos, I wish they actually retire, they had their era. There’s no one to fight but me.  I don’t think they want to get knocked out by a young up and comer like me. 2013 is my era for the next 15 years. I will stay busy whether I get that shot or not. I want to have 5 fights this year. I don’t want to be in active, even this year my first fight won’t be till close to the 5th month in. I’m not going to be the Klitschkos puppet to get pulled on a string.”

    On how his Heavyweight Reign will be different:

    “I’m going to take on whomever people think is the best fighter, I will take on, no easy options or padded records. I want to do a poll to see who the best challenger is. I’m not going to leave it to any organizations to give me easy fights, I want whoever the best it.”

    If he feels the boxing sanctioning bodies will force a Klitschko fight:

    “I’m ranked 4 by the WBC, 8 by the IBF, 6 by WBO, and with the WBA, I’m unranked. These rankings don’t mean much, Klitschko can fight Joe Bloke and still be able to do it against guys that won’t be able to go 4 rounds with me. I beat Chisora and it leads me nowhere and Chisora gets rewarded with a WBC title shot against Vitali and they know they can beat Chisora because I already beat him first. When Wladimir wouldn’t fight Chisora because Chisora bluffed him because Wladimir couldn’t deal with the unexpected mental things from Chisora, so big brother had to step in and fight Chisora and Chisora merely done a good job on him but I beat him when he was undefeated. I ain’t lying, the Klitschkos do not want to fight Tyson Fury, and David Haye does not want to fight Tyson Fury. After this fight I’m calling it a bitch hunt. I’m going to go hunt down Wladimir Klitschko, let me make one thing clear, I won’t fight Vitali Klitschko, he’s an old man and a pensioner but I will fight Wladimir at a drop of a hat.  I’ve got to hunt him there, humiliate him, make him look small in public; back him into a corner to fight him.”

    On why he prefers to fight Wladimir over Vitali:

    “He’s (Vitali) running for president from wherever he’s from. He’s not a silly man, they’re not stupid. I will have any amount of money to bet on it that Vitali Klitschko will ever fight me in a million years because he knows I’m too young, too fast, and too good to be messed with at 42 years old. Maybe 10-15 years ago, then it was a match for me, but now at 42, you’re not half the man you was when you were in your 20 and 30’s and a young fit man will do you severe damage. So I know he won’t fight and there’s no point with me carrying on about it to try and get a fight with him. If he did give me the opportunity,  I would fight him and I’d take good credit for myself for giving him a good beating. But if he did, I’d jump on them but I know they won’t.”

    Parting Shots on the Klitschkos:

    “It’s strictly business with these Klitschkos because if it was about boxing, they would have thrown more punches and knocked guys out, because it’s not, they’re boring and jab people to death. People ain’t even interested in heavyweight boxing because the Klitschkos have held the titles for so long for hostage because the box behind the jab and its boring. You could ask 15 people who the heavyweight champion of the world is, if they tell you, be a very lucky thing. When I was a kid, I wanted to be like Ali, Lewis, Holyfield, Tyson, who would want to be like a Klitschko? Nobody.”

    “As Jesus Christ is my savior, I am the savior of the Heavyweight division.”

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