Was It Right For Anyone To Lay A Hand (Or Foot) On Freddie Roach?


    As a society we look for comfort and to comfort the weak. A poor choice of words on my part but that is how society sees someone with a disability. It used to be survival of the fittest where only the strong survived and today we look out for one another and that is a good thing.

    When you look at Freddie Roach in his state today he is a shell of his former self whom had no disabilities. It is clear that his prize fighting days are dead but not his fighting spirit which could be one of the main reason why he trains fighters today and given the fact that he has Parkinson’s disease he is still going strong and is will to fight if he feels it is necessary. Of course, not in the ring.

    With the recent altercation that took place between Roach and members of team Rios one must question, “was it correct for anyone to lay a hand or foot on Roach?”

    When you look at the two different ways that society has worked the answer could be yes or no. With Darwin’s theory the “weak” shall be vanquished. In other words don’t put yourself in a position where you can and will be harmed. Don’t act aggressive and expect no one to respond to that aggression. When you look at today’s views then yes it was wrong for that to happen and you shouldn’t prey on the “weak” but you cannot turn a blind eye to whatever one does. One must choose carefully in life because one bad apple can ruin the whole bunch.

    There are arguments for both sides but what one must remember it is not correct to be derogative towards any race, sex, handicap or lifestyle choice. When cameras are around any and everything you do can and will you look either good or bad and sympathy/trust can be won or lost in a heartbeat.

    Roach is not the victim unless you give him the victim’s role and Roach is too strong and too capable a person to be given that role.