In late January Thaboxingvoice spoke with co-Founder Adam Joosten to discuss his new Fitness and Training program, Star Vizn. This workout program features athletes like Roy Jones Jr. and Jerry Rice, among other TV celebrities. Here are some details on the online fitness program, as well as a few things you need to know from the founder and why he chose boxing legend Roy Jones Jr.


What makes a good fitness and training program?


Today’s fitness apps/programs entered the world of sports and entertainment in ways that is exciting and motivating. Anyone looking to learn from those superstar athlete’s whose successes can be attributed to the dedication and hard work they put into their training. Athletes represent strength, commitment, perseverance and victory. Apps like Nike+ Training Club and Fitted Lifts or even Fitbit Coach, design their services, with that very thought in mind. But what if you can combine training, coaching and Roy Jones Jr? For Star Vizn, the routine can be creative as well as fun. This new online training practice (app available in March) has developed a program, where aspiring athletes can learn to become better at their craft from the celebrity athletes who personifies the very same goals they are trying to achieve.



What is Star Vizn?


Star Vizn is a personalized workout program with a lineup that includes star athletes and TV celebrities, who will not only workout with you but set a twelve weeks program that will help you get to the next level of your craft. This innovation is fun, exciting, and achievable. Thaboxingvoice took things upon to consider this new opportunity. Adam Joosten, a 26 year-old entrepreneur along with Scott Allen created this platform in which they believe can be your next tool for success.



Why Roy Jones Jr. and Jerry Rice?


I spoke with Joosten personally to get an idea of what made this platform different from all the others. His answer was modest, “I love sports but I didn’t like working out” said Joosten. “I wanted to create a training program that combine fitness, celebrities and training”. Joosten mentioned connecting with celebrity athletes like six-time world champion Roy Jones Jr., who’s last career fight was February 8th, 2018 in a unanimous decision over Scott Sigmon in the Cruiserweight division in Pensacola, FL.

Roy Jones Jr. is considered one of the greatest fighters of all time. “I always been a fan of Boxing” said Joosten. “The first person who came to mind was Roy Jones Jr., who at 50 years-old is in great shape and was preparing for his last fight”. I was automatically intrigued, as I am sure a lot of boxing fans will be. And as a boxing fan myself, I can only imagine what it will be like to get trained by one of the best fighters in boxing. Joosten when on to say how he connected with Jones Jr. in Pensacola, FL., to present him with the opportunity. Now you can train with the world champ himself and get coach and advice on how to achieve a “championship mentality”. I can see the fellas of Border Wars, a 1-on-1 boxing match event hosted by TBV, benefiting from a good training section from the boxing legend Roy Jones Jr., but we’ll leave it up to the host Nestor Gibbs to address it in his weekly boxing podcast. Roy Jones Jr. is not the only legend training you to achieve your goals.

Star Vizn also contracted the likes of Hall of Fame and former wide receiver Jerry Rice of the San Francisco 49ers. Just like with Jones Jr., Rice (55) is a legend amongst his peers and consider statistically to be an all-time leader in the category for touchdowns in a season. Rice is inspirational, respected and a successful wide receiver, being known for his work ethic and passionate attitude towards football. Jerry Rice is the trainer who can help you achieve a super bowl championship mindset. The three-times Super Bowl Champion will also coach you and share his tips to help you win in the field.



Why should you join Star Vizn?


Take in to consideration all the above. Star Vizn brings not only great athletes but TV stars as-well, with the likes of Melissa Gorga, Jonathan Cheban and Cameron Mathison who serve as trainers and couches. This all-inclusive fitness and learning platform is available now, and is worth trying out, that’s if you are willing to do whatever it takes to be a champ. I mean where else can the average person get exclusive training like this? You’ll decide.