Yuriorkis Gamboa Confronts Mikey Garcia In The Ring After Garcia’s Victory


    Shortly after HBO’s cameras cut off and Mikey Garcia was being interviewed by Box Azteca Yuriorkis Gamboa stepped into the ring to confront Garcia (a la Mosley to Mayweather) on a possible fight.

    “Everybody wants to see this fight,” said Gamboa. “Everybody is talking about this fight. He (Garcia) was asked if he wants to fight with me and he said he has no problem with fighting me. I am here to tell him that we have no problem either and for the public to know when can we fight.”

    “There are no problems,” responded Garcia. “We have to talk, sit down and negotiate the fight. You know how this business works . You have your promoter and I have my promoter. I’m willing to fight you and you are willing to fight me. Nobody here is scared. I don’t want anyone saying that we are scared to fight. That is a lack of respect to a fighter. I have never said that you are scared and I do not want the same thing to be said about me. If you want the fight then we can sit down and negotiate it.”

    Gamboa would go on to say that he never said that Garcia was scared but wanted the public to know that he wanted the fight which caused Garcia’s older brother and trainer Robert to chime in.

    “Will you show up to the press conference,” said Robert.  “You didn’t show up once before.”

    Gamboa finished off by stating that he just wants the public to know that he wants the fight.

    Gamboa and his promoter 50 Cent has taken multiple shots at Garcia via social media to get under the fighters skin and build up hype for a possible showdown.