Head of WIBA Ryan Wissow Takes Shots at Kaliesha West


    rwKaliesha West recently made her return to the boxing ring after a two year hiatus when she took on Olivia Gerula in Quebec on August 15th but it was not a triumphant one. West was humble and in high spirits despite the loss but someone other than her opponent was higher in praise for the loss.

    Ryan Wissow of the Women’s International Boxing Assosiation (WIBA) took to social media recently to slam West on her loss and her wanting to boycott the WIBA title.

    “I must say I’m happy that Kaliesha West lost last night after she called a boycott on my belt,” said Wissow. “I once offered to sanction her last Cali fight for free and her dad has no problem with me at all but Kaliesha saw an opportunity for some cheap publicity and attention for herself after I said something on Facebook that she didn’t like about American women in general, which had nothing to do with her or female boxers. It’s ok. She can go fight for the UBF while I work with women who are professional and have gratitude for what I’ve done for them and the sport as a whole. Anyone who calls on anything bad to happen to me or my company are permanently placed on my shit list!”