Marquez on Why He’s Fighting Alvarado and Not Provodnikov


Juan Manuel Marquez and Mike Alvarado are set to reopen The Forum in Los Angeles on HBO May 17th. Marquez ended his 2012 with the knockout heard round the world of Manny Pacquiao. However, he suffered disappointment in 2013 as Tim Bradley outpointed him to a decision victory in their clash.

Now he returns to take on the battle tested Mike Alvarado at a catch weight in the welterweight division. He knows that this isn’t the run of the mill fight waiting for another crack at Pacquiao or Bradley.

“He’s a great fighter,” stated Marquez of Alvarado. “I will prepare very hard for the fight, in my strength and speed. He’s a great fighter, I need it all to win.”

There were rumors circulating about a proposed fight between Marquez and the man who defeated Alvarado last year, Ruslan Provodnikov. But Marquez instead chose to take on Alvarado instead of the hard hitting Russian to begin his chase for a world title in a 5th weight class.

“Provodnikov, he a great fighter, he’s a great champion. I was a champion at Super Lightweight. I don’t want to be the same champion in the same weight. I need and want to be champion in Welterweight.  I didn’t fight with Provodnikov because Provodnikov is a Super Lightweight champ, not a Welterweight champ,” Marquez said to

Bob Arum has already hinted at matching the winner of Marquez-Alvarado with the winner of Pacquiao-Bradley 2 sometime this year which in turn would give Marquez his shot at a world title at 147.  But Marquez isn’t looking that far down the road.

I don’t know what happens in the future. I’m here in the present. First of all,  its April for Bradley-Pacquiao.  Then comes May, my fight with Alvarado. I can’t say anything right now about the future.” explained Marquez.

If it’s not Pacquiao or Bradley next, there are not many names on Marquez’ side of the cold war that will add a nice finishing touch to his extraordinary career. So if Marquez happens to lose to Alvarado, he says, “Maybe this year will be it for me,” referring to retirement.


  1. Who are you fooling, JMM? Alvarado is also not a welterweight, but a superlightweight who just lost his title to the guy, Provodnikov, you are avoiding like a plague. Not to say that Alvarado isn`t a worthy opponent, which he is, but I just can`t stand this BS being fed to the public. JMM think of a better reason to justify your excuse why you don’t want to fight Provodnikov.

  2. …yEah your absolutely right DEKAHANA, marquez is just fOoling us because the rugged sibErian rocky will certainly knock his ass oUt. provo fights like pacquiao pressuring his opponent while connecting heavy power shOts, i dont think marquez will survive the onslaught of provo. Alvarado has been a super lightweight chAmpion and was defeated and brutalized by ruslAn. Marquez is plAying safe and i just hope alvarado will knock him out. Jmm desperately tries to avoid fighting pacquiao for the 5th time arrogAntly stAting that he doesnt need that fight anymore but i think now that the turning of event favorably pointing to pacquiao and if the oppurtunity presents itself it will be hEll for marquez. I firmly believe he is avoiding provO after provo openly challenged him for a fight. Ruslan punches like manny as if the russian is manny’s alter ego. It is hard for a fighter like the caliber of marquez to get knocked out in retirement.

  3. You nailed it dekahana. Though I don’t think jmm will fight Pac a 5th time should both of them win. I believe he’s just hoping that Bradley wins so he can get that rematch. When the time comes for the 5th fight, I’m pretty certain he will avoid it like he did Provo.

  4. Marquez is a warrior no doubt.but he’s family and team know’s the most difficult and dangerous fight for he’s career that mostly blooded sure at age of 40 he has a power but movement slowly.picking bradley is favoring to he’s health

  5. If Marquez wants to fight for a 147-lb title, he should’ve sought for Shawn Porter’s title. Porter is Pac’s former sparring mate who gave Pac what he took.