Mayweather: I already said, I’m fighting Berto or Mayfield


    Floyd Mayweather Jr. - Larry Merchant“I can only write a check for 100 million for one fighter.”

    As Floyd Mayweather Jr. was holding court with the media members after the Shawn Porter-Adrien Broner fight, more of the questions were about who he is fighting rather than what just happened.

    “I already said I was fighting Andre Berto or Karim Mayfield,” Mayweather said to ESPN’s Dan Rafael in a video shot by ThaBoxingVoice’s Nestor Gibbs.

    Rafael asked Mayweather if he was serious and his reply was, “Did you ask Manny Pacquiao the same question when he fought that other last time out?” Almost as if to say why do you question my fights and not the other guys fights.

    Mayweather as the promoter of the event with either fighter basically said I can write myself of 40 million dollar check against those guys (Berto and Mayfield).

    But is he serious?

    Another reporter chimed in to ask Mayweather should Miguel Cotto and Canelo Alvarez fight on the same day, would he change his thinking on the opponent.

    Mayweather laughed it off even telling his longtime friend and President of Mayweather Promotions, “You too rich to be acting like that,” basically saying that no one is taking me off the dates I want to fight.

    It’s his last fight on his six-fight Showtime contract, and Mayweather has said many times that it could be his last fight.

    When asked about possibly facing Miguel Cotto, Mayweather almost seemed frustrated.

    “Miguel Cotto, solid fighter, good punch, but if I’m not mistaken when I fought him last time, you said he was washed up.

    “Now, after he beats Martinez, people say he’s reborn again; the same thing when I fought Marquez, you said he was washed up and then he came back and beat Pacquiao, he’s reborn again.”

    It seems like Mayweather is keeping Sept 12th close to the chest, but not many people, including myself, believe it will be Andre Berto September 12th.