112 Pound Champion Akira Yaegashi Refuses To Face Roman Gonzalez


    Roman “Chocolatito” Gonzalez has developed a reputation of being a dangerous fighter worldwide. so dangerous in fact that it has been very difficult to find fights for the Nicaraguan and many world champions do not want to face him.

    On December 19th Gonzalez had a meeting with his manager Silvio Conrado Jr. in the offices of Prodesa Promotions and was given the news that WBC flyweight champion Akira Yaegashi has no intentions of facing Gonzalez.

    “Mr. Honda (of Teiken Promotions) said that the 112 pound WBC champion Akira Yaegashi does not want to fight you,” Conrado told Gonzalez. “So let’s explore the possibility of fighting another champion.”

    The news annoyed Gonzalez but that soon went away when he found out that Teiken would feature him on a card this March in Japan.

    “Anyways, everything will come with time,” said Gonzalez. I knew that Yaegashi would not easily accept a fight with me but I am sure that in 2014 the opportunity to fight for a world title in a third division will come.”