2017 Toyota Land Cruiser REVIEW


Last month, November 2017, my girlfriend and I decided to take a 5-day trip to explore the mile-high city of Denver, Colorado. Upon arrival, we were greeted by the sophisticated 2017 Toyota Land Cruiser. This beauty was massive with a dark royal blue exterior. Although the truck was substantial in its physique, it had the perfect balance to make myself feel gratified as a male in a big truck yet perfect enough for my lady to cruise around in and feel comfortable driving.


The truck came equipped with the works!  It had a spacious interior design with the 3rd row of seating available, allowing up to 8 passengers. The 3rd row of seats also converted into trunk space with 2 rows when needed. The first thing I noticed when entering was the JBL audio system and multi-media touch screen, which I hooked up to immediately. I was ready to listen to the sounds of my tunes playing on this vast truck while enjoying the ride. The amenities that this truck presented made this trip a memorable one as we enjoyed ourselves in comfort and style. Most of the places we visited throughout our daily routine on our trip had a driving distance of about 20-30 minutes. Once we were done with breakfast in the early morning at the resort, the road was ours. Our daily routine consisted of a visit to 1-2 new dispensaries, a drive-in, and dive as seen on TV for some good food, sight-seeing through the roads and mountains that Colorado had to offer, and ending the day with a movie date.


The Cruiser’s 5.7V8 engine made it easy to drive up the steep mountains to get to the top and enjoy the beautiful scenic views. The truck came with a four-zone automatic front and rear climate control and heated seats, allowing my lady and me to choose how hot or cool we wanted our own side. Neither of us had to fuss about increasing or decreasing the car temperature-a definite win! Moreover, passengers would also enjoy the pleasure of the rear-seat DVD entertainment system with 2 individual screens. Needless to say, there was a sunroof which added the perfect touch. Not only did it allow for the sun to crawl in, but it was the perfect addition especially after visiting a dispensary since it allowed for easy ventilation. We were pleasantly surprised to open the center console and find it to be a mini-fridge! The mini-fridge was absolutely convenient as it kept our bottles of water and daily snacks cool throughout our daily adventures.

Additionally, the 2017 Toyota Land Cruiser comes ready with the Toyota Safety Sense System. This system includes a pre-collision system with pedestrian detection, lane departure alerts, and a sway warning system. The 2017 Toyota Land Cruiser is definitely one diverse truck for both genders to feel downright fulfilled with its stylish comfortability, well-thought-out specs, and driving capabilities!