Brandon Adams Obliterates Lekan Byfield in Two Rounds


dpt-spocfightclub-1Brandon Adams (15-1, 10 KOs) delivered a dominating knockout victory against his overmatched opponent Lekan Byfield (6-7, 1 KO). The bout seemed to be a mismatch from the opening bell. Adams appeared to be the much stronger fighter and was constantly able to pressure  Byfield without having to worry about any offensive output from his opponent. The only answer Byfield had to Adams’ style was to clinch, and nothing else.

With 44 seconds left in the first round Adams scored a knockdown off a left hook followed by a right hand with Byfield against the ropes. Byfield managed to survive the round by constantly moving around the ring, but a knockout seemed inevitable.

In the second round Adams scored another knockdown by countering Byfield’s lazy jab with an overhand right. A few moments later Adams lands a hard body shot followed by two hooks upstairs and that was the end of the fight. Byfield showing a fighter’s heart managed to beat the count, but the referee made the right call by stepping in and stopping the fight. Adams was awarded with a 2nd round TKO victory.

Even though Adams delivered a very dominating performance, there wasn’t much to take away from the fight. The opponent was clearly outmatched, and all Adams managed to showcase was the fact that he’s an aggressive talented fighter with punching power. Вчера телка познакомилась в чате с парнем, а сегодня она уже скакала на его члене Adams did nothing wrong, but hopefully he’s put in the ring with higher level competition because he definitely looks more than ready to be able to handle himself against a fighter with a winning record.